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Doctor Description
Brian P Levy MD Our primary care physician in Oklahoma City.  We were members of PacifiCare through my employer, The City of Oklahoma City.
Brent Rody MD An emergency room doctor at Presbyterian Hospital in Oklahoma City.
Dr Keller The doctor in residence at the Oklahoma Crisis Intervention Center when we arrived.
Dr Weathers A psychiatrist on staff a Griffin Memorial Hospital.
David M Abercrombie, MD The doctor in residence at Presbyterian Hospital for our second stay.
Peter Morgan, MD The doctor on call for Dr Levy when we were admitted to Presbyterian Hospital.
E Michael Smith MD Our psychiatrist.
Robert W Dow, MD The neurologist on call at the Oklahoma City Clinic when we were in Presbyterian.
Richard P Trautman MD
The psychiatrist on staff at Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City.
K H Bright, PhD
The psychologist on staff at Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City.
Eugenio Matos MD Neurologist in Oklahoma City
Lucien Rose, PhD Psychologist in Oklahoma City.
G Christopher Ball MD Gynecologist in Jackson, Mississippi.
Ruth Fredericks MD
Neurologist in Jackson, Mississippi.
Robert L Mack MD
Radiologist at St Dominic Hospital in Jackson Mississippi
Richard B Ellison Jr MD
Radiologist at St Dominic Hospital in Jackson Mississippi
Edward L Manning PhD
Adele A Thiel MD
Neurologist in Jackson Mississippi.  In the group that Dr Fredericks belongs to and consults for Dr Fredericks when she is out of town or not on call.
James P Almas MD
Pathologist at St Dominic Hospital
S E Subramony MD Neurologist teaching at the University Medical Center in Jackson Mississippi
Deborah Skelton MD Gastro-intestinal specialist.
R Harper Stone MD Heart specialist.
Philip Azordegan MD Neuro-surgeon
Seshadri Raju MD Vascular surgeon
Eve R Rogers MD Resident in charge of Jolynne's case at St Mary's Hospital
D W Dodick MD Team head at St Mary's Hospital.
Joseph Matsomoto MD Team head in place of Dr Dodick when he was absent.
Marc C Patterson MD  
David C Collipp MD Doctor specializing in rehabilitation medicine.

* Addresses listed here may be either the physical address or the mailing address.