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Hospitals/Health Care

Hospital Description
Presbyterian Hospital  
Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center A center for drug abuse and mentally disturbed patients.
Griffin Memorial Hospital The state hospital local in Norman sometimes referred to as Central State Hospital.
Mercy Health Center The hospital that Jolynne stayed at for psychiatric evaluation.
Oklahoma City Clinic - Downtown
The main doctor's offices and administration building for the Oklahoma City Clinic.  Dr Levy worked in the Edmond branch of the Oklahoma City Clinic.
St Dominic - Jackson Memorial Hospital
The hospital in Jackson Mississippi at which Dr Fredericks is a resident.
Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center
This is the business address. Outpatient occupational and physical therapy as well as the inpatient hospitalization.
Athena Diagnostics Lab
IVONIX Drug supply company
River Oaks Hospital A hospital within the complex where Dr Fredericks' office is located.
St Mary's Hospital The inpatient hospital that is part of the Mayo Clinic.
Mayo Clinic  
American Medical Response  Ambulance service.
McNamed  A medical equipment supplier that also offered respiratory therapists and oxygen equipment.
Home Care Products A medical equipment manufacturer.