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History - Pre-1992

Iam documenting these specific occurrences on the basis that they may have relevance.

Since I met Jolynne, her gait had been somewhat abnormal.  I never really thought that much about it until it started to worsen.   She had always had a wide base when she walked.  She used to comment that people in high school said she had a faulty gyro.  She was also a little less than coordinated with her manual dexterity.  This she put down to being left-handed and having to learn from right-handed people how to do things as a child.

I had also noticed, but paid little attention, that she could rarely drink an entire glass without choking.  At first this was minor but, as things progressed, it got steadily worse.

Although not abnormal, Jolynne had been plagued with yeast infections her whole life.  She constantly complained of this and attributed it to her fondness of Cokes.

Jolynne started on birth control pills slightly before our marriage in 1989.  She was taking Loestrin 1.5/30.  She never had an abnormal pap smear until 1997 when a small cyst was detected and removed without further complications.

On August 27, 1991, Dr Levy called and reported that her cholesterol level was high at 249 and that she should modify her diet.  I never knew about this until we requested her medical records in 1997 for Dr Fredericks.