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Description Size Thumbnail
Jolynne in college 50kb Link to photo of Jolynne in college
Jolynne around 1985 39kb Link to photo of Jolynne in college
Another one of Jolynne around 1985 - This one is one of my favorites. 28kb p_jo_college03.jpg (28101 bytes)
Jolynne just before our wedding 84kb Link to photo of Jolyyne before our wedding
About to go out and celebrate her 28th birthday 43kb Link to photo of Jolynne on her 28th birthday
Church Picture  50kb p_jo_okc02.jpg (51708 bytes)
Kayleigh dancing for her mother 26kb k_dancing.jpg (26989 bytes)
Jolynne laughing at Kayleigh in the above picture 25kb jo_laughing.jpg (25453 bytes)

I will place some more photos here at a later date.