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Christmas 1997
Just after Christmas in 1997, I think it was actually in January of 1998, Jo and I went to the mall.  At this time she was able to eat pureed food and could sit up and ride in the car and wheelchair.  She also had periods where she would talk in whispers or not at all.  This day she was not talking.  She loved to go riding.  She never did like being still for too long.  We would ride in the car for long periods of time to calm her.
     This particular day we were at the mall just visiting shops and wheeling around.  We stopped into a music store and I was going to make a slow circuit around the edge.  As we passed the CD's on the wall Jo reached to one.  It was the Star Wars boxed set of movie soundtracks.  Jo had never liked science fiction and was not a real big fan of movies - she could rarely sit still through a whole movie - so the meaning of this gesture was obvious.  I am a huge sci-fi fan, and Jo knew this.  She was pointing to this CD because she wanted to get it for me.
     Of all that has happened since we discovered her illness, this will stand out most in my memory.  After all she had been through and all of the hardships she was enduring, she was thinking of someone other than herself.
     She most always thought of others first.  I can remember several times that she would be feeling bad (throwing up or something) and she would apologize for "putting me though it."

Going to Grease 
On March 27, 1998 Jolynne and I had our last "date".  Just Jo and me.  We went to watch the 25th anniversary of Grease at the movie theatre.  She and I went together, she in her wheelchair.  Jo enjoyed the movie greatly.  Whenever Jo thought something was funny she not only laughed but she clapped as well.  She couldn't make the same laughing sounds that I remembered as "her laugh" but she sure did clap a lot.  This is probably the last "happy" moments she has had that I have seen.

Kayleigh Dancing 
I did not witness this but she did laugh a lot (or make laughing sounds) when our daughter Kayleigh decided to perform for her mother.  She got on top of a bale of hay on our back porch and danced.  Jolynne could see her through the sliding glass door and when Kayleigh "shook her booty", Jo laughed and laughed.  This was after Jo had been bed ridden for awhile and could not move very easily.

Picture of Kayleigh dancing
Picture of Jolynne laughing