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The Short-Wave Mystery

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 Hardy Boys (Original)*
#24 of 38
Hardy Boys (Original)*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of middle grade novels written to appeal to young boys starring two brothers of a famous detective solving their own mysteries.  They were written by serveral people using the pen name Franklin W Dixon.

This series includes the original 38 books starting with The Tower Treasure (1927) and ending with The Mystery at Devil's Paw (1959) and only includes the original versions before they were revised starting in 1959.

For the books in this series I've added the true author to the list (even if this is questionable) along with the psuedonym Franklin W Dixon that is credited on each book.  I have also decided to duplicate the titles for this series and the revised series since the works in this series are sometimes completely different.

1) The Tower Treasure
2) The House on the Cliff
3) The Secret of the Old Mill
4) The Missing Chums
5) Hunting for Hidden Gold
6) The Shore Road Mystery
7) The Secret of the Caves
8) The Mystery of Cabin Island
9) The Great Airport Mystery
10) What Happened at Midnight
11) While the Clock Ticked
12) Footprints Under the Window
13) The Mark on the Door
14) The Hidden Harbor Mystery
15) The Sinister Signpost
16) A Figure in Hiding
17) The Secret Warning
18) The Twisted Claw
19) The Disappearing Floor
20) Mystery of the Flying Express
21) The Clue of the Broken Blade
22) The Flickering Torch Mystery
23) The Melted Coins
24) The Short-Wave Mystery
25) The Secret Panel
26) The Phantom Freighter
27) The Secret of Skull Mountain
28) The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
29) The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
30) The Wailing Siren Mystery
31) The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
32) The Crisscross Shadow
33) The Yellow Feather Mystery
34) The Hooded Hawk Mystery
35) The Clue in the Embers
36) The Secret of Pirates' Hill
37) The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
38) The Mystery at Devil's Paw
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Added: 30-Jul-2022
Last Updated: 30-Jul-2022


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 Franklin W Dixon
Birth: 04 Oct 1862 Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
Death: 10 May 1930 Newark, New Jersey, USA

Edward L Stratemeyer (1862-1930), owner of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, created Joe and Frank Hardy, as well as many other series characters in children's literature.  He hired authors to write stories from his outlines and to agree never to reveal that they, and not the non-existant Mr Dixon, wrote the books.

 Leslie McFarlane
Birth: 25 Oct 1902 Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
Death: 06 Sep 1977 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


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