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My Top Series

30World of Watches6Picked up the first of this series after watching the movie. I was surprised at how well I liked the movie. The first book, of course is completely different but good all the same.
29Welsh Mabinogion4I read these in junior high. The retelling of these myths was well done by Evangeline Walton and were pretty new to me also.
28Twelve Kingdoms4I just love the the storytelling in these books. I picked them up after watching the anime.
27Riverworld5The concept alone laid out in To Your Scattered Bodies Go is worth it in this series. The last book in the series seems a little tired though.
26Odd Thomas7I picked these up after stumbling upon the movie. Odd's character is pretty cool.
25Heechee Saga6I have the Gateway book sitting around for a long time before reading it. I was surprise that I liked it so much and that it was a series to boot.
24Old Man's War6What an interesting concept. The series wound down in a direction I didn't care for but the initial concept kept me coming back for more.
23Gentleman Bastards3So far so good.
22Gap5I was apprehensive at first to read a sci-fi series by Stephen R Donaldson but he did a real good job on these.
21Discworld41If you like Douglas Adams' humor, these are for you.
20Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy5Read these soon after seeing the BBC TV show on PBS. What can you say about these? You just have to read them...
19Dexter Morgan8There's just something about these first person stories that give you the creeps while enjoying reading them and pulling for a serial killer.
18Dark Tower7Great stories for the most part but the ending leaves a lot to be desired.
17Mistborn7My first non-Wheel of Time Brandon Sanderson books.
16Chronicles of Amber10I just really enjoyed the world created in these books. I read the first five on a trip to and from a football game in college.
15Codex Alera5A good fun read. Pretty predicable but, since I couldn't put these down once I started them, I had to rank them higher for that reason.
14Mote2Just a two book series but the idea behind this "first encounter" story is really worth the read.
13Culture Series10A disjointed collection of stories told within the same universe. These do not need to be read in order.
12Robot5The books that gave birth to the laws of robotics. It combines with the Foundation series also.
11Foundation7The scope of this tale is amazing. Then it combines with the Robot series.
10Stormlight Archive4Long books but pretty easy to read.
9Vorkosigan Saga16The publication order and collection of short stories and novellas makes this one of the hardest series to read. I attempted to read them in publication order even though the author suggests otherwise.
8Wheel of Time15I went ahead and included the prequel book just to be complete.
7Riyria Revelations3This is the six book series but, since I read the omnibus editions, I have that one listed here.
6Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever3The second trilogy is too boring to include in this list even though it had a good ending. The third series is just too hard to read to make this list.
5Dresden Files17Just downright fun stories.
4Ender's Game9I included Ender and Shadow books together because it's hard to separate them out chronologically. The Ender series by itself is much better than the Shadow (Bean) books.
3The Expanse9There are supposed to be nine main works in this series. There are a few novellas also.
2Dune8This is the original series by Frank Herbert and the two additional works by Brain Herbert and Kevin J Anderson - not any of the others. I include the last two for the sake of completness and since they were supposedly based upon Frank Herbert's own notes even though they are not up to his writing standards.
1Lord of the Rings4I'll include The Hobbit in this list.

See my goodreads icon goodreads page. I almost never do reviews, but I use this site to catalogue books.
See my librarything icon librarything page. I use this site to catalogue books and it has more details on books than goodreads does.

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