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Books Terminology
Section is Books;
1AppendixAdditional material used to expand upon the story in a book.
2BackstripThe covering of the book's spine.
3BindingThe book cover.
4Book Club EditionA copy printed specifically for a Book Club.
5Boston Globe-Horn Book AwardsAwarded annually since 1967 by The Boston Globe and The Horn Book  Magazine.
6Bram Stoker AwardThe Bram Stoker Awards are voted on by the members of the Horror Writers Association and are awarded annually.  The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris was an early winner.
7Carnegie MedalThis award was established in 1936 in honor of Andrew Carnegie.  It is awarded in recognition of outstanding books for children and young adult readers.  It must be written in English and first published in the United Kingdom during the previous year.  There are 13 librarians from The Library Association Youth Libraries Group who are on the Carnegie judging panel.
8Case-BoundHardcover or hardbound book cover.
9CoversThe binding of the book.
10Deckle edgesUncut or untrimmed edges to the pages in the book.
11Dog-EaredPages in a book that have been folded over in the corners.  Usually done for marking a place when reading a book.  This is not suggested!
12Dust JacketThe "paper" that is used to wrap a book (usually a hard cover book) to protect the binding.
13ErrataMistakes that were not caught in editing.
14First EditionThe first edition of a book.  This is not synonymous with "First Printing".
15Guardian AwardThis award is given annually by The Guardian for outstanding
works of fiction by British or Commonwealth authors.  The work should be first published in the United Kingdom during the previous year.  Picture
books and books by previous winners are excluded.
16Hugo AwardThe Hugo Award is the oldest science fiction award.  It is named after Hugo Gernsback, a major writer and spokesman for the science fiction genre.  These awards are given out at the World Science Fiction Convention held on Labor Day each year.  Awards are given out in thirteen categories.  They are sponsored by the World Science Fiction Society and are granted by popular vote of the members of this society.  One of the first winners of the Hugo Award was The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick.
17Large PrintA printing with larger print, for people that have difficulty seeing the smaller print in most books.
18LeafA "page" of a book.  This refers to the sheet of paper that the pages are printed on and therefore a leaf usually contains to pages of written text.
19Lewis Carroll Shelf AwardThis award was given annually until 1979 for titles that had similar qualities to Alice in Wonderland.  This award is longer given.
20Limited EditionBooks published in limited quantities, usually limited to around a thousand and typically signed by the author.  These books are usually available for purchase directly through the publisher and are not normally available in bookstores.
21LOCLibrary of Congress
22Locus Poll WinnersThis is a poll conducted annually of the readers of "Locus Magazine".  The genres recommended are science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  The poll is issued in February and the results are published in the summer.
23Mass-Market PaperbackThe most common paperback book usually smaller than trade paperbacks and hardcover versions.
24Nebula AwardThe Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America established the Nebula Award in 1965.  The members nominate their personal favorites and then select the best book.  Awards are given out in four categories.  One of the first winners of the Nebula Award was Dune by Frank Herbert in 1965.
25PaperbackBooks in paper (or soft) covers mostly printed since the 1930's.
26Phoenix AwardThis award was established 1985 and is awarded annually to a book published in English and twenty years ago.  It is for books that did not receive a
major award at the original publication time.
27SeriesA group of books dealing with the same theme.
28SlipcaseA case that a book can be put into to protect it from the elements.
29Trade PaperbackA softcover (paperback) book which is usually larger in size and of better quality than a Mass-Market Paperback.
30World Fantasy AwardReader ballots compile the list of candidates is generated by for this award.  A panel of judges selects additional candidates as well as the winners of the award.  It includes fantasy and horror fiction.  The winners are announced annually at the World Fantasy Convention on Halloween.  In 1989 Koko by Peter Straub was awarded the World Fantasy Award..

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