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Book List

1 1959 "All You Zombies-": Five Classic Stories by Robert A. Heinlein
Cover Blurb

The story "All You Zombies—" is the basis for PREDESTINATION from Sony Pictures, just released in the US on January 9, 2015, starring Ethan Hawke, directed and written by the Spierig Brothers.

Robert A. Heinlein's brilliance and diverse talents are on display in this collection of five short stories that range from mind-twisters ("All You Zombies—"), paranoia and surprise ("They—"), hilarious engineering conundrums ("—And They Built a Crooked House"), fantasies ("Our Fair City), and the beautiful, heart-breaking "The Man Who Travelled in Elephants".

"Not only America's premier writer of speculative fiction, but the greatest writer of such fiction in the world … [Heinlein] remains today as a sort of trademark for all that is finest in American imaginative fiction."
- Stephen King

"There is no other writer whose work has exhilarated me as often and to such an extent as Heinlein."
- Dean Koontz

"One of the most influential writers in American Literature."
- The New York Times Book Review

"Heinlein wears imagination as though it were his private suit of clothes."
- The New York Times

"Heinlein… has the ability to see technologies just around the bend. That, combined with his outstanding skill as a writer and engineer-inventor, produces books that are often years ahead of their time."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"One of the grand masters of science fiction."
- The Wall Street Journal

about the author:
Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988), often called the Science Fiction Grand Master, was the author of such ground-breaking novels as STARSHIP TROOPERS, RED PLANET, STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND and THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS. He is generally considered the greatest and most influential science fiction writer of the twentieth century. In addition to being a bestselling author, Heinlein's novels won 4 Hugo awards, 3 "retro Hugo" awards, and the first "Grand Master Award" from the Science Fiction Writers of America
Robert A HeinleinIn my library
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2 2015 #StrugglesCraig Groeschel
311/22/63Stephen King
4 1949 1984
Cover Blurb
George Orwell

1984 has come and gone, but George Orwell's prophetic, nightmarish vision in 1949 of the world we were becoming is timelier than ever.  1984 is still the great modern classic of "Negative Utopia" - a startingly [sic] original and haunting novel that creates an imaginary world that is completely convincing, from the first sentence to the last for words.  No one can deny this novel's power, its hold on the imaginations of whole generations, or the power of its admonitions - a power that seems to grow, not lessen, with the passage of time.

With an Afterword by Erich Fromm
George Orwell
Book Cover
51996 Diary
Doctor Who - Miscellaneous #0
Book Cover
6 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey
Space Odyssey Series #1Cover Blurb

"Brain-boggling."  - Life

"Full of poetry, scientific imagination, and typical wry Clarke wit.  By standing the universe on its head, he makes us see the ordinary universe in a different light...  [This novel becomes] a complex allegory about the history of the world."  -  The New Yorker

"Clarke has constructed an effective work of fiction... with the meticulous creation of an extraterrestrial environment, the sort of extrapolation of which Mr. Clarke is a master."  - Library Journal

"Breathtaking."  - Saturday Review
Arthur C Clarke
Book Cover
7 1982 2010: Odyssey Two
Space Odyssey Series #2Cover Blurb
2010: odyssey two

When 2001: A Space Odyssey first shocked, amazed, and delighted millions in the late 1960s, the novel was quickly recognized as a classic.  Since then, its fame has grown steadily among the multitudes who have read or seen the film based on it.  Yet, along with almost universal acclaim, a host of questions has grown more insistent through the years:

  • Who or what transformed Dave Bowman into the Star-Child?  What purpose lay behind the transformation?  What would become of the Star-Child?
  • What alien purpose lay behind the monoliths on the Moon and out in space?
  • What could drive HAL, a stable, intelligent computer, to kill the crew?  Was HAL really insane?  What happened to HAL and the spaceship Discovery after Dave Bowman disappeared?
  • Would there be a sequel?

Now all those questions and many more have been answered.  Cosmic in sweep, eloquent in its depiction of Man's place in the Universe, and filled with the romance of space, this novel is a monumental achievement.


Visit our Web site at
Arthur C Clarke
Book Cover
8 1987 2061: Odyssey Three
Space Odyssey Series #3Cover Blurb
2061: odyssey three

Only rarely does a novelist weave a tapestry so compelling that is captures the imagination of the entire world.  But that is precisely what Arthur C. Clarke accomplished with 2001: a space odyssey.

It is even more unusual that an author is able to compliment so well-received an invention with an equally successful sequel.  But Arthur C. Clarke's 2010: odyssey two enthralled a huge audience worldwide.

Now, in 2061: odyssey three, Arthur C. Clarke revisits the most famous future ever imagined, as two expeditions into space are inextricable tangled by human necessity and the immutable laws of physics.  And Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monoliths, must once again confront Dave Bowman - or whatever Bowman has become - a newly independent HAL, and the power of an alien race that has decided Mankind is to play a part in the evolution of the galaxy whether it wishes it or not.


Arthur C ClarkeIn my library
Book Cover
93001: The Final Odyssey
Space Odyssey Series #4
Arthur C Clarke
10 1936 The A.B.C. Murders
Hercule Poirot Mystery #11
Agatha ChristieWant to read
11 2013 Abaddon's Gate
The Expanse #3Cover Blurb

The explosive third novel in James S.A. Corey's New York Times best-selling Expanse series. Now a major television series.

For generations, the solar system - Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt - was humanity's great frontier. Until now. The alien artifact working through its program under the clouds of Venus has appeared in Uranus's orbit, where it has built a massive gate that leads to a starless dark.

Jim Holden and the crew of the Rocinante are part of a vast flotilla of scientific and military ships going out to examine the artifact. But behind the scenes, a complex plot is unfolding, with the destruction of Holden at its core. As the emissaries of the human race try to find whether the gate is an opportunity or a threat, the greatest danger is the one they brought with them.

Abaddon's Gate is a breakneck science-fiction adventure following the critically acclaimed Caliban's War.

The Expanse: Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War, Abaddon's Gate, Cibola Burn, Nemesis Games, Babylon's Ashes, Persepolis Rising

The Expanse Short Fiction: The Butcher of Anderson, Station, Gods of Risk, The Churn, The Vital, Abyss, Strange Dogs
James S A Corey
Book Cover
12 1982 The Abode of Life
Star Trek Novels #6Cover Blurb

The citizens of Mercan cannot conceive of worlds beyond their own.  Their sun, Mercaniad, is prone to deadly, radioactive flare-ups, and the Mercans have organized their life around the need to survive The Ordeal - until a strange visitor appears from out of nowhere...

The Enterprise, badly crippled and in desperate need of repairs, must seek help from a people who cannot believe in its existence.  Mercaniad is about to blow, and James Kirk faces an impossible choice: to attack the sun itself and save his ship and crew - or let a people live in peace, in the only world they know...

Lee CorreyIn my library
Book Cover
13 2009 Abyss
Fate of the Jedi #3Cover Blurb
Peace is the way of the Jedi. But with deadly enemies on every side, war may be the only way out.

On Coruscant, an epidemic of madness is preying on the ranks of the Jedi Order - driving the Galactic Alliance to martial actions.  As Han and Leia Solo, along with their daughter, Jaina, join the fight to protect more stricken Knights from arrest, Jedi healers race to find a cure for the rapidly spreading affliction.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker continues his quest to find the reasons behind Jacen Solo’s dark downfall and to win redemption for the Jedi Order - a journey that draws Luke and his son, Ben, to the forbidden reaches of the Maw Cluster. There dwell the Mind Walkers: those whose power to transcend their bodies and be one with the Force is as seductive as it is potentially fatal. As Luke and Ben push their Force abilities beyond known limits, they draw closer to a nexus of dark-side energy unprecedented in its power, and to an explosive confrontation from which only one Master - good or evil - can emerge alive.
Troy DenningIn my library
Book Cover
14 2005 Academ's Fury
Codex Alera #2
Jim Butcher
Doctor Who - Miscellaneous #0
Sophie Aldred
Mike Tucker
Book Cover
16The Adventures of Doctor Who
Doctor Who - Novelizations (Collections) #1Cover Blurb
He's tall and thin, wears a motley array of garments that includes an incredibly long scarf and a battered wide-brimmed hat - and he's a centuries-old Time Lord. Untold years ago he left his own people to roam through Space and Time, fighting evil, righting wrongs, and trying to satisfy a deep-rooted curiosity.

Now, the resourceful adventurer who has long thrilled British television viewers is winning legions of fans in the U.S.A., and this volume captures all the excitement, humor and imagination of that popular TV series. It contains a trio of action-packed novelisations:

DOCTOR WHO AND THE GENESIS OF THE DALEKS. The war between the Thals and the Kaleds had been raging for a thousand years. Then, suddenly, one side gained an advantage: machine creatures called Daleks, programmed to kill on command... grim weapons which would insure the annihilation of any race - or individual - that opposed them. And the Doctor had traveled through centuries to oppose them.

DOCTOR WHO AND THE REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN. A mysterious plague had wiped out almost everyone aboard Space Beacon Nerva. The only survivors were the Beacon's commander, two of his crew, and a civilian professor. The professor was there, ostensibly, to study a new asteroid; but before long it became clear to the Doctor that the man's interest was far from scholarly. For the space fragment proved to be the remains of Voga - a planet of gold destroyed long ago in the war against the dreaded Cybermen.

DOCTOR WHO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. The recent destruction of oil rigs in the North Sea had brought Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart to a small Scottish village on the shores of Loch Ness. But when his investigation failed to shed any light on the matter, he called for the Doctor's help - and the Doctor uncovered the bizarre truth. The Zygons, alien beings who had been shipwrecked on Earth millenia ago, were trying to take over the planet... and the use of a cyborgized, dinosaurlike creature from their home world was only part of their diabolical plan.
Terrance DicksIn my library
Book Cover
17The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Adventures of Tom and Huck #2
Mark Twain
18 1979 The Adventures of K9 and Other Mechanical Creatures
Cover Blurb
This is the Doctor.
Here's a book all about my faithful friend, K9.  As you know, K9 is a kind of robot dog - though he'd sooner be described as a completely-mobile, self-powered computer with multi-sensory circuits and built-in defensive capabilities!

I'll also be telling you about some other amazing mechanical creatures I've encountered on my travels through Space and Time - some have been surprisingly friendly, but others were very dangerous indeed…
Terrance DicksIn my library
Book Cover
19The Adventures of Laura and Jack
Little House Chapter Book Collection #1Cover Blurb
Laura #1

The Adventures of Laura & Jack

Laura Ingalls and her bulldog, Jack, shared one exciting adventure after another growing up together on the wild frontier!

The Laura Chapter Books are part of an ongoing series of Little House Chapter Books.
Laura Ingalls WilderIn my library
Book Cover
20 1892 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes #3Cover Blurb
No cover blurb on this edition.
Arthur Conan DoyleIn my library
Book Cover
21The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Adventures of Tom and Huck #1
Mark Twain
22 2016 The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance AgentLarry Correia
23The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
Doctor Who - 8th Doctor #51Cover Blurb
On February 9, 1783, a funeral was held in the tunnels of the dead heart of London.  It was the funeral of a warrior and a conjuror, a paladin and an oracle, the last of an ancient breed who'd once stood between the Earth and the bloodiest of its nightmares.

Her name was Scarlette.  Part courtesan, part sorceress, this is her history: the part she played in the Seige of Henrietta Street, and the scrifice she made in the defence of her world.

In the year leading up to that funeral, something raw and primal ate its way through human society, from the streets of pre-Revolutionary Paris to the slave-states of America.  Something that only the eighteenth century could have summoned, and against which the only line of defence was a bordello in Covent Garden.

And then there was Scarlette's accomplice, the 'elemental champion' who stood alongside her in the final battle.  The one thay called the Doctor.
Lawrence MilesIn my library
Book Cover
24 2015 Aeronaut's Windlass
Cinder Spires #1
Jim Butcher
25 2017 Aether of NightBrandon SandersonIn my library
26 2011 After the Battle on Starship Hill: Prolog to The Children of the Sky
Zones of Thought #4Cover Blurb
From description:

"After the Battle on Starship Hill" is more than 12000 words of prologue from Vernor Vinge's forthcoming novel, The Children of the Sky. Taking place on Tines World, this mini e-book describes events of the years immediately following the conclusion of the predecessor novel, A Fire Upon the Deep.
Vernor VingeIn my library
Book Cover
27 2008 After the Coup
Old Man's War #3.5
John ScalziIn my library
Book Cover
28 1953 After the Funeral
Hercule Poirot Mystery #24
Agatha ChristieWant to read
29 2010 Against All Things Ending
Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant #3Cover Blurb
Back Cover:
Praise For
Fatal Revenant
"This complicated and emotional continuation of the Thomas Covenant saga is exactly what Donaldson's fans have been hoping for."

Praise For
The Runes of the Earth
"An epic with page-turning intrigue."

Praise For
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
"Will certainly find a place on the small list of true classics."

"Covenant is Donaldson's genius."

Inside flap:
Attempts must be made, even when there is no hope.  And betimes some wonder is wrought to redeem us....

Thomas Covenant is alive again, restored to his mortal body by the unimaginable combines power of hos own white gold ring, Linden Avery's Staff of Law, and the ancient dagger called High Lord Loric's krill.  His resurrection is Linden's defiant act of love, despite warnings from mortals and immortals that unleashing this much power would destroy the world.  She brought his spirit back from its prison in the Arch of Time, and restored his slain body, so precious to her, his wild white hair like flame, his face now etched with lines of pain.  Thomas Covenant is returned to her.

But the truth is inescapable: the thunderclap of power from Linden's action has awakened the Worm of the World's End, and all of them, and the Land itself, are forfeit to its devouring.  If they have any chance to save the Land, it will come from unlikely sources - including the mysterious bot Jeremiah, Linden's adopted son, whose secrets are only beginning to come to light.  And it will come from sacrifices, some freely offered by friends who have traveled far and trusted much, and some taken by force that can be recognized only later as compassion.

Dimly, but holding on to whatever hope leaves behind when hope itself has failed, Linden clings to one prophecy: You would not be driven by mistaken love to bring about the end of all things.

Back flap:
STEPHEN R. DONALSON is the author of the six volumes of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, a landmark in modern fantasy.  Every volume, beginning with Lord Foul's Bane in 1977, has been an international bestseller.  Donaldson returned to the series with The Runes of the Earth in 2004.  He lives in New Mexico.
Stephen R DonaldsonIn my library
Book Cover
30Age of Death
Legends of the First Empire #5
Michael J Sullivan
31Age of Empyre
Legends of the First Empire #6
Michael J Sullivan
32Age of Legend
Legends of the First Empire #4Cover Blurb
Publisher's Summary from

With Age of Myth, Age of Swords, and Age of War, fantasy master Michael J. Sullivan riveted listeners with a tale of unlikely heroes locked in a desperate battle to save mankind from extinction. Now comes the pivotal point. After years of warfare, humanity has gained the upper hand and pushed the Fhrey to the edge of their homeland, but no farther. Desperate to find a way to break the stalemate, the answer lies in the half-forgotten words of an ancient song.

Not all legends are of heroes, and not all myths are invented. And sometimes, when you’re desperate enough, you’ll believe in the inconceivable and even seek it out.
Michael J Sullivan
Book Cover
33Age of Myth
Legends of the First Empire #1Cover Blurb
Publisher's Summary from

Since time immemorial, humans have worshipped the gods they call Fhrey, truly a race apart: invincible in battle, masters of magic, and seemingly immortal. But when a god falls to a human blade, the balance of power between humans and those they thought were gods changes forever. Now only a few stand between humankind and annihilation: Raithe, reluctant to embrace his destiny as the God Killer. Suri, a young seer burdened by signs of impending doom. And Persephone, who must overcome personal tragedy to lead her people. The Age of Myth is over; the time of rebellion has begun.
Michael J Sullivan
Book Cover
34Age of Swords
Legends of the First Empire #2Cover Blurb
Publisher's Summary from

The gods have been proven mortal, and new heroes will arise as the battle continues in the sequel to Age of Myth - from the author of the Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles series.

In Age of Myth, fantasy master Michael J. Sullivan launched listeners on an epic journey of magic and adventure, heroism and betrayal, love and loss. Now the thrilling saga continues as the human uprising is threatened by powerful enemies from without - and bitter rivalries from within.

Raithe, the God Killer, may have started the rebellion by killing a Fhrey, but longstanding enmities dividing the Rhune make it all but impossible to unite against the common foe. And even if the clans can join forces, how will they defeat an enemy whose magical prowess renders them indistinguishable from gods?

The answer lies across the sea in a faraway land populated by a reclusive and dour race who feel nothing but disdain for both Fhrey and mankind. With time running out, Persephone leads the gifted young seer Suri, the Fhrey sorceress Arion, and a small band of misfits in a desperate search for aid - a quest that will take them into the darkest depths of Elan, where waits an ancient adversary as fearsome as it is deadly.
Michael J Sullivan
Book Cover
35Age of War
Legends of the First Empire #3Cover Blurb
Publisher's Summary from

The epic battle between humankind and their godlike rulers finally ignites in the masterful follow-up to Age of Myth and Age of Swords.

The alliance of humans and renegade Fhrey is fragile - and about to be tested as never before. Persephone keeps the human clans from turning on one another through her iron will and a compassionate heart. The arrogant Fhrey are barely held in check by their leader, Nyphron, who seeks to advance his own nefarious agenda through a loveless marriage that will result in the betrayal of the person Persephone loves most: Raithe, the God Killer.

As the Fhrey overlords marshal their army and sorcerers to crush the rebellion, old loyalties will be challenged while fresh conspiracies will threaten to undo all that Persephone has accomplished. In the darkest hour, when hope is all but lost, new heroes will rise...but at what terrible cost?
Michael J Sullivan
Book Cover
36 2000 Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order #4Cover Blurb
Merciless attacks by an invincible alien force have left the New Republic reeling.  Dozens of worlds have succumbed to occupation or annihilation, and even the Jedi Knights have tasted defeat.  In these darkest times, the noble Chewbacca is laid to rest, having died as heroically as he lived - and a grief-stricken Han Solo is left to fit the pieces of his shattered life back together before he loses everything: friends, family, and faith.

Refusing help from Leia or Luke, Han becomes the loner he once was, seeking to escape the pain of his partner's death in adventure... and in revenge.  When he learns that on old friend from his smuggling days in operating as a mercinary for the enemy, he sets out to expose the traitor.  But Han's investigation uncovers an even greater evil: a sinister conspiracy aimed at the very heart of the New Repiblic's will and ability to fight - the Jedi.

Now Han must face down the inner demons and, with the help of a new and unexpected ally, honor Chewbacca's sacrifice the only way that matters - by being worthy of it.
James LucenoIn my library
Book Cover
37 2000 Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order #5Cover Blurb
A string of smashing victories by the forces of the sinister aliens known as the Yuuzhan Vong has left New Republic resources and morale stretched to the breaking point.  Leia Organa Solo, estranged from her husband, Han, oversees the evacuation of refugees on planets in the path of the merciess invaders.  Luke Skywalker struggles to hold the fractious Jedi Knights together, even while one of them undertakes a bold but reckless undercover mission.

Manipulating their alliance with the amoral Hutts, the Yuuzhan Vong leave a cunning trail of vital information where New Republic agents are sure to find it - information the deperate defenders cannot afford to ignore: the location of the aliens' next target.

Then Han Solo stumbles into the dark heart of a raging battle, thus beginning a furious race against time that will require every skill and trick in his arsenal to win…
James LucenoIn my library
Book Cover
38 2007 Air Apparent
Magic of Xanth #31
Piers AnthonyWant to read
39 1983 Alanna: The First Adventure
Song of the Lioness #1
Tamora PierceWant to read
40 2016 Alcatraz Versus the Dark Talent
Alcatraz Smedry #5
Brandon SandersonWant to read
41 2007 Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
Alcatraz Smedry #1Cover Blurb

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians is the first adventure in a fantasy series for young readers by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. The fast-paced and funny series is now available in deluxe hardcover editions illustrated by Hayley Lazo.

On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry gets a bag of sand in the mail-his only inheritance from his father and mother. He soon learns that this is no ordinary bag of sand. It is quickly stolen by the cult of evil Librarians who are taking over the world by spreading misinformation and suppressing truth. Alcatraz must stop them, using the only weapon he has: an incredible talent for breaking things.

"In this original, hysterical homage to fantasy literature, Sanderson's first novel for youth recalls the best in Artemis Fowl and A Series of Unfortunate Events." -VOYA
Brandon SandersonIn my library
Book Cover
42 2009 Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia
Alcatraz Smedry #3Cover Blurb

The Knights of Crystallia is the third action-packed fantasy adventure in the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians series for young readers by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. These fast-paced and funny novels are now available in deluxe hardcover editions illustrated by Hayley Lazo.

In this third Alcatraz adventure, Alcatraz Smedry has made it to the Free Kingdoms at last. Unfortunately, so have the evil Librarians--including his mother! Now Alcatraz has to find a traitor among the Knights of Crystallia, make up with his estranged father, and save one of the last bastions of the Free Kingdoms from the Evil Librarians.

"Beneath the wild humor, there are surprisingly subtle messages about responsibility and courage." - School Library Journal
Brandon SandersonIn my library
Book Cover
43 2008 Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones
Alcatraz Smedry #2Cover Blurb

The Scrivener's Bones is the second action-packed fantasy adventure in the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians series for young readers by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. These fast-paced and funny novels are now available in deluxe hardcover editions illustrated by Hayley Lazo.

In his second skirmish against the Evil Librarians who rule the world, Alcatraz and his ragtag crew of freedom fighters track Grandpa Smedry to the ancient and mysterious Library of Alexandria. Hushlanders—people who live in the Librarian-controlled lands of Canada, Europe, and the Americas—believe the Library was destroyed long ago. Free Kingdomers know the truth: the Library of Alexandria is still around, and it’s one of the most dangerous places on the planet. For it is the home of the scariest Librarians of them all: a secret sect of soul-stealing Scriveners. Can Alcatraz and his friends rescue Grandpa Smedry and make it out of there alive?

"In this original, hysterical homage to fantasy literature, Sanderson's first novel for youth recalls the best in Artemis Fowl and A Series of Unfortunate Events." —VOYA
Brandon SandersonIn my library
Book Cover
44 2010 Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens
Alcatraz Smedry #4Cover Blurb

The Shattered Lens is the fourth action-packed fantasy adventure in the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians series for young readers by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. These fast-paced and funny novels are now available in deluxe hardcover editions illustrated by Hayley Lazo.

Alcatraz Smedry is up against a whole army of Evil Librarians with only his friend Bastille, a few pairs of glasses, and an unlimited supply of exploding teddy bears to help him. This time, even Alcatraz's extraordinary talent for breaking things may not be enough to defeat the army of Evil Librarians and their giant librarian robots.

“An excellent choice to read aloud to the whole family. It's funny, exciting, and briskly paced.” —Nancy Pearl on NPR'S Morning Edition
Brandon SandersonIn my library
Book Cover
45 2016 Alexander X
Battle for Forever #1Cover Blurb

Alexander Grant is a little too good at a few too many things. Two dozen martial arts. Twice that many languages. Chess, the piano, sports, forging excused absences, you name it. He graduated high school top of his class...seventeen times. Of course, no one knows any of this. Not that he wants to go unnoticed. It’s just safer that way. So for the last several decades, Alexander has been forced to move from town to small town to even smaller town - he just bought his 651st house - in an effort to live a painfully quiet life. But when a mysterious cabal attempts to kidnap him and kill his friends, Alexander must use all his skills and centuries of training to outwit the most dangerous man alive, the mastermind of a plot that would change the world forever.

Clever, intriguing, skillfully woven with humor, Alexander X launches us on an epic journey toward a future few of us will survive, rising from a past we never knew existed.
Edward SavioIn my library
Book Cover
46The Algebra of Ice
Doctor Who - Past Doctors #68
Lloyd Rose
Book Cover
47 1865 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland #1
Lewis Carroll
48 1979 Alien
Alien Novelizations #1Cover Blurb
Where was Earth?

This was not their galaxy.  A strange sun lit the sky with orange rays.  In their long cold sleep, the seven space travelers had left their own universe behind, and now their monitor told them that on the planet revolving below them, someone was signalling for help.  By space law, they must descend, explore and render assistance.  But they would carry weapons.  For who could tell what being called to them - or why.  All they knew was that it was Alien.

Executive Producer RONALD SHUSETT
Directed by RIDLEY SCOTT
Screenplay by DAN O'BANNON  Music by JERRY GOLDSMITH
© 1979 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
Alan Dean FosterIn my library
Book Cover
49 1997 Alien Bodies
Doctor Who - 8th Doctor #6Cover Blurb
On an island in the East Indies, in a lost city buried deep in the heart of the rainforest, agents of the most formidable powers in the galaxy are gathering. They have been invited there to bid for what could turn out to be the deadliest weapon ever created.

When the Doctor and Sam arrive in the city, the Time Lord soon realises they've walked into the middle of the strangest auction in history - and what's on sale to the highest bidder is something more horrifying than even the Doctor could have imagined, something that could change his life forever.

And just when it seems his life can't get any worse, the Doctor finds out who else is on the guest list…
Lawrence MilesIn my library
Book Cover
50 2019 Alien III
Alien Novelizations #3.5Cover Blurb

Audible is bringing William Gibson’s uncovered Alien III script to life in audio for the first time, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the birth of the Alien franchise. 

Alongside a full cast, Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen reprise their iconic roles as Corporal Hicks and Bishop from the 1986 film Aliens. 

Father of cyberpunk William Gibson’s original script for Alien III, written in 1987 as a sequel to Aliens, never made it to our screens, although it went on to achieve cult status among fans as the third instalment that might have been after being leaked online.

This terrifying, cinematic multicast dramatisation - directed by the multi-award-winning Dirk Maggs - is the chance to experience William Gibson’s untold story and its terrifying, claustrophobic and dark encounters between humans and aliens, as a completely immersive audio experience.

The story begins with the Sulaco on its return journey from LV-426. On board the military ship are the cryogenically frozen skeleton crew of that film’s survivors: Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop.

We travel aboard and hear an alarm blare. Our heroes are no longer alone....

Starring: Tom Alexander, Barbara Barnes, Michael Biehn, Cliff Chapman, Samantha Coughlan, Ben Cura, Dar Dash, Harry Ditson, Mairead Doherty, Lance Henriksen, Graham Hoadly, Lorelei King, Laurel Lefkow, Martin McDougall, Sarah Pitard, Michael Roberts, David Seddon, Andrew James Spooner, Siri Steinmo, Dai Tabuchi, Keith Wickham, Rebecca Yeo.
William GibsonIn my library
Book Cover