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The Darkest Evening of the Year

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Never (or unknown...)
California, Southern - Fiction
Dog rescue - Fiction
Golden retriever - Fiction
Love stories
Suspense fiction
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Copyright © 2007 by Dean Zoontz
To Gerda, who will one day be greeted
jubilantly in the next life by the
golden daughter whom she loved so well
and with such selfless tenderness in
this world.

Father Jerome Molokie, for his many
kindnesses, for his good cheer,
for his friendship, and for his
inspiring devotion to what is
first, true, and infinite.
Behind the wheel of the Ford Expedition, Amy Redwing drove as if she were immortal and therefore safe at any speed.
May contain spoilers
Miracles happen that nobody sees, and among us walk heroes who are never recognized, and people live in loneliness because they cannot believe they are loved, and, yes, Amy and Brian were married.
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Extract (may contain spoilers)
Moongirl will make love only in total darkness.  She believes that her life has been forever diminished by passion in the light, when she was younger.
Consequently, the faintest glow around a lowered window shade will burn away all of her desire.

A single thread of sunshine in the folds of drawn draperies will in an instant unravel her lust.

Light intruding from another room - under a door, around a crack in a jamb, through a keyhole - will pierce her as if it is a needle and cause her to flinch from her lover's touch.

When her blood is hot, even the light-emitting numerals of a bedside clock will chill her.

The luminous face of a wristwatch, the tiny bulb on a smoke detector, the radiant eyes of a cat can wring a cry of frustration from her and squeeze her libido dry.

Harrow thinks of her as Moongirl because he can imagine her loose in the night, silhouetted naked on a ridge line, howling at the moon.  He doesn't know what label a psychologist might apply to her particular kind of madness, but he has no doubt that she is mad.

Never has he called her Moongirl to her face.  Instinct tells him that to do so would be dangerous, perhaps even fatal.

In daylight or dark, she can pass for sane.  She can even feign wholesomeness quite convincingly.  Her beauty beguiles.

Especially in purple, but also in pink and white, bouquets of hydrangea charm the eye, but the plant is mortally poisonous; so, too, the lily of the valley, the blossoms of bloodroot; the petals of yellow jasmine, brewed in tea or mixed in salad, can kill in as little as ten minutes.

Moongirl loves the black rose more than any other flower, though it is not poisonous.

Harrow has seen her hold such a rose so tightly by its thorny stem that her hand drips blood.

Her pain threshold, like his, is high.  She does not enjoy the prick of the rose; she simply does not feel it.

She has total discipline of her body and her intellect.  She has no discipline of her emotions.  She is, therefore, out of balance, and balance is a requirement of sanity.

This night, in a windowless room where no starshine can reach, where the luminous clock is closed in a nightstand drawer, they do not make love, for love has nothing to do with their increasingly ferocious coupling.

No woman has excited Harrow as this one does.  She has about her the ultimate hunger of the black widow, the all-consuming passion of a mantis that, during coitus, kills and eats its mate.

He half expects that one night Moongirl will conceal a knife between mattress and box springs, or elsewhere near the bed.  In the blinding dark, at the penultimate moment, he will hear her whisper Darling and feel a sudden stiletto navigate his ribs and pop his swelling heart.

As always, the anticipation of sex proves to be more thrilling than the experience.  At the end, he feels a curious hollowness, a certainty that the essence of the act has again eluded him.

Spent, they lie in the hush of the blackness, as silent as if they have stepped out of life into the outer dark.

Moongirl is not much for words, and she always speaks directly when she has something to say.

In her company, Harrow follows her example.  Fewer words mean less risk of a mere observation being misconstrued as an insult or a judgment.

She is sensitive about being judged.  Advice, if she dislikes it, might be received as a rebuke.  A well-meant admonition might be interpreted as stinging criticism.

Here in the venereal aftermath, Harrow has no fear of any blade she might have buried in the bedding.  If ever she tries to kill him, the attempt will be made between the motion and the act, at the ascending moment of her fulfillment.

Now, after sex, he does not seek sleep.  Most of the time, Moongirl sleeps by day and thrives in the night; and Harrow has reset himself to live by her clock.

For one so ripe, she lies stick-stiff in the darkness, like a hungry presence poised on a branch, disguised as bark, waiting for an unwary passerby.

In time she says, "Let's burn."


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Random House
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Jerry Bauer - Photographer
Kirsten Kairos  - Narration
Amy Redwing has dedicated her life to the southern California organization she founded to rescue abandoned and endangered golden retrievers.  Among dog lovers, she's a legend for the risks she'll take to save an animal from abuse.  Among her friends, Amy's heedless devotion is often cause for concern.  To widower Brian McCarthy, whose commitment she can't allow herself to return, Amy's behavior is far more puzzling and hides a shattering secret.

No one is surprised when Amy risks her life to save Nickie, nor when she takes the female golden into her home.  The bond between Amy and Nickie is immediate and uncanny.  Even her two other goldens, Fred and Ethel, recognize Nickie as special, a natural alpha.  But the instant joy Nickie brings is shadowed by a series of eerie incidents.  An ominous stranger.  A mysterious home invasion.

And the unmistakable sense that someone is watching Amy's every move and that, whoever it is, he's not alone.  Someone has come back to turn Amy into the desperate, hunted creature she's always been there to save.  But now there's no one to save Amy and those she loves.  From its breathtaking opening scene to its shocking climax, The Darkest Evening of the Year is Dean Koontz at his finest, a transcendent thriller certain to have listeners captivated until dawn.

DEAN KOONTZ, the author of many #1 New York Times bestsellers, lives with his wife, Gerda, and the enduring spirit of their golden retriever, Trixie, in southern California.

KIRSTEN KAIROS is a voice-over artist and singer who has toured worldwide  and recorded with a number of artists including Julio Iglesias and David Lee Roth.  Her voice can be heard on numerous radio and television commercials as well as character voices for animation.
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8 CDs
Canada: $57.00



Dean R Koontz  
Birth: 09 Jul 1945 Everett, Pennsylvania, USA


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