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Part 1 - A Blade in the Soul
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Copyright © Guy Gavriel Kay, 1990
For my brothers, Jeffrey and Rex
Both moons were high, dimming the light of all but the brightest stars.
May contain spoilers
And it is there that they see the riselka, three men see a riselka, sitting on a rock beside the sunlit path, her long sea-green hair blowing back in the freshening breeze.
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Added: 14-Mar-2022
Last Updated: 30-Jun-2022


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Simon Vance  - Narration

Acclaimed author Guy Gavriel Kay has been honored with the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel (Ysabel) and the International Goliardos Award for his work in fantasy.

Eight of the nine Palm provinces of the Peninsula have been overcome by warrior sorcerers Brandin and Alberico. But the sorcerers don't know that a small band of survivors is plotting their removal. With tensions mounting, the sorcerers become increasingly at odds as each decides where his own path - and that of the land - should truly lie.

"Brilliant. Rich in intrigue and subtlety. A gracefully plotted story. Highly recommended." (Library Journal)
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Guy Gavriel Kay  
Birth: 07 Nov 1954 Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada


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