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1AbhThe Abh are a genetically engineered race of human that were originally created as a slave rave to explore space.  They rebeled against their creators and developed their own society.  They consider space to be their home and loath stepping foot on planets.  They call themselves "Kin of the Stars."
2ABYAfter the Battle of Yavin.  Dates in the Star Wars Universe that happen after Episode VI - A New Hope.
3AD PoliceShort for Advanced Police.  These are heavily armed police in Mega Tokyo that have been established to handle Boomer related incidents.  They were initially funded by Genom.
4AdhesiveThe substance on the back of a stamp that allows it to attach to an envelope or postcard.
5AdministrationThe Administration is the government.  It appears that every planet has it’s own Administration.
6AerelonOne of the Twelve Colonies
7AgencyThis is a group of espers that was formed about three years prior to the story.  They have powers to enter Closed Space and battle Shinjin there.
8Airmail StampA stamp that prepayed the postal rates for air transport.
9AlbumUsed by collectors to store stamps, usually in some ordered format.
10AnimeThe term for Japanese Animated movies and television shows.  This term is used in Japan to mean any animated show regardless of country of origin and subject matter.  In the US this term means animation from Japan.
11AppendixAdditional material used to expand upon the story in a book.
12Aptic GateThis is the sord to the Aptic system at which a decisive battle is waged under the command of the Bebaus brothers.  The Basroil is a part of the defending fleet here.
13AquariaOne of the Twelve Colonies
14ArigamiA race of plant-like monsters that have been asleep for a thousasnd years and want to wipe out human life on Earth.
15ArigatouJapanese term for "thank you".
16Arigatou gozaimasuJapanese term for "thank you" but in a more polite way that just Arigato.
17AsturiaA large kingdom of which Allen is a member and one-time allies with Zaibach.
18Aurora ShellA barrier that hold in the atmosphere but which also prohibits air travel.
19AuthoritiesThe Authorities are a branch of the Administration and are, basically, the police force.
20AutoReivArtificial people created for various reasons.  The three classes are Entourage, Companion and Armed.  Entourage AutoReivs help out their partners in various tasks.  Companion AutoReivs are usually made to replace loved ones but have other purposes as well.  Armed AutoReivs are used in police work and other lines of duty calling for force.
21BackstripThe covering of the book's spine.
22BakaThis is a derogatory term that roughly translates as idiot or dummy.
23BaronhThe language spoken by the Abh.  It is a language create by the author Hiroyuki Morioka.
24BatabitajiraBatabitajira is Iria's birth place on Myce.  Komimasa is buried there after his death.
25BattlestarA huge space fortress built to protect the colonies during the Cylon Wars.
26BaystarThe Cylon version of a Battlestar.
27BBYBefore the Battle of Yavin.  Dates in the Star Wars Universe that happen before Episode VI - A New Hope.
28BentoBox lunches in Japan and served cold.  They usually contain rice and side items arranged in a visually appealing manner.
29BindingThe book cover.
30Blast FallThe name given to a disaster that occurred twelve years ago and caused many deaths and many others to go missing.  It occurred when the Aurora Shell interacted with a RUC building.
31BlockA series of attached stamps at least two high and two wide.
32Book Club EditionA copy printed specifically for a Book Club.
33Booklet PaneTerm ImageA section of stamps from a stamp booklet.  This is a whole section (or page), untorn but unattached to the full booklet.
34BoomerA bio-mechanical robot-like creation.  These were initially created to facilitate in the reconstruction of Japan after the great earthquake.  They have been used since then in almost every field from waiters to underwater exploration, etc.
35BorobdinThe borobdin is a powerful weapon and is able to destroy buildings and vehicle easily.
36Boston Globe-Horn Book AwardsAwarded annually since 1967 by The Boston Globe and The Horn Book  Magazine.
37Bram Stoker AwardThe Bram Stoker Awards are voted on by the members of the Horror Writers Association and are awarded annually.  The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris was an early winner.
38BrowningAnother religion that has been ostracized by Mauser.  Aparently Browning is the one that placed the Providence Breaker and Guardian genes into the world.
39CancellationA mark used by the post office to indicate that a stamp has paid for services and cannot be reused.  Some cancellations are blobs or blotches while others can have significant meaning.

FancyPostmarked with some form of decorative design.
First DayA cancellation used on a stamp on it's first day in circulation.
Pre-cancelledStamps issued with printed cancellations on them. Many are issued on commemorative envelopes.
40CanceronOne of the Twelve Colonies
41CapricaOne of the Twelve Colonies
42Car TypeWhat kind of train car it is

Auto Carrier 
Box Car 
Coal Dump Car 
Coil Car 
Flat Car 
Freight Load 
Log Car 
Ore Car 
Passenger Car 
Snow Plow 
Stock Car 
Well Car 
43CARAThe Classification and Rating Administration.  Those responsible for rating movies in the US.
44Carnegie MedalThis award was established in 1936 in honor of Andrew Carnegie.  It is awarded in recognition of outstanding books for children and young adult readers.  It must be written in English and first published in the United Kingdom during the previous year.  There are 13 librarians from The Library Association Youth Libraries Group who are on the Carnegie judging panel.
45Case-BoundHardcover or hardbound book cover.
46CenteringThe position of the design of a stamp between the edges.  A perfectly centered stamp will have equal spaces between the perforations (or edges) and the border of the design.

SSuperbThe design is very nearly perfectly centered within the perforations.
XFExtremely fineThe design can be slightly off one direction, but still very nicely centered, almost perfect.
VFVery fineThe design can be further off from center, but still well away from the edge and very attractive.
F-VFFine to very fineThe design is closer to the edge, but still well away. This is the most widely collected centering, good enough to be attractive, but not sky high in price.
FFineThe determination of fine is that the design can be very close to the edge, but it cannot be cut by the perforations.
AVGAverageIf the design is cut into by the perforations at all then the stamp is average.
47ChamallaChamalla extract are used by oracles for their visions.  It also has some medicinal purposes and is sometimes used as an alternative therapy for cancer.
48ChevalierStrong and intelligent beings created by Saya or Diva when humans drink their blood.  They can shape shift and regenerate wounds quickly and are almost impossible to kill.
49ChiropteranA vampire like creature that drains their victims of blood.
50Cinq Flèches GroupA group dedicated to guarding Diva.

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