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51Cogito VirusA virus that infects AutoReivs and makes them self-aware. The effects of this vary based on the AutoReiv.
52CoilTerm ImageStamps are sometimes sold in coils. These stamps usually have two imperforate (straight) edges. These straight edges are usually on the top and the bottom of the stamp.
53Coil PairA pair of coil stamps still together. Many collectors like to collect pairs from a coil.
54CommemorativesStamps that are issued for a limited time and are in honor or celebration of specific people or events.
55Compac DriveA device that allows humans to control LFO's and various other machines.
56ConditionThe condition of a stamp is determined by a variety of factors. It can be cancelled or uncancelled, has adhesive or not, been hinged or not, physical condition of the stamp, centering, etc.
57CoralianA physical manifestation of the Scub Coral. There are four types:
  1. Command Cluster Coralian - A concentration of Scub Coral which can control other aspects of the Sub Coral.
  2. Kute-class Coralian - A huge sphere of energy in the sky. They are rarely seen in nature but can be caused artificially.
  3. Antibody Coralian - Creatures that are created by the Scub Coral to remove harmful conditions, including people and their cities.
  4. Humaniform Coralian - Beings that are created by the Scub Coral in human form. They are thought by researchers to be sent by the Scub Coral to gather information about humanity.
58Core RobotA robot created technology learned from the artifact found at the construction site of the new town hall. A core unit is installed in the robot which is activated by the life sympathy of the pilot.
59Core Robot 2This mecha is similar to the Core Robot 1 and is red in color. It is piloted by Mitsuki Sanada.
60Core Robot 3This mecha is piloted by D and is blue in color.
61CoverAn envelope with a postage stamp affixed.
62CoversThe binding of the book.
63Curved PlateA cylindrical plate used in rotary style printing presses. Due to the method of printing, images are slightly distorted.
64CylonA race of machine beings created by humans that eventually became self-aware. They turned on their creators with the intent to wipe them out.
65Dead ApostleA vampire that is created from a human by drinking it's blood.
66Deckle edgesUncut or untrimmed edges to the pages in the book.
67DefinitivesThese are usually smaller sized stamps that are printed in large quantities. They are often a single color and are made available for an indefinite period of time.
68DempadanA dempadan is a one man vehicle. Fujikuro uses a dempadan.
69DenominationThe monetary value that a stamp will pay for in delivering a package or letter. Its face value.
70Desperation DiseaseA condition caused by the combination of Scub Coral, Trapar and Compac Drives. Those suffering from it fixate on a Compac Drive and remain is a near catatonic state.
71D-KnightThis is a human controller that is paired with a Dragoon in order to unlock its full potential. The bonding on works well when there is complete trust between the D-Knight and the Dragoon.
72Dog-EaredPages in a book that have been folded over in the corners. Usually done for marking a place when reading a book. This is not suggested!
73DoujinshiDoujinshi, or doujin for short, are self published comics. There are two basic categories: fan-comics and self-published works. Fan-comics are non-professional stories from fans based on others' work. Self-published works are published by the creator of the comic or the ideas behind them and not through a publishing company.
74Dragon KnightsA group formed to protect La'cryma from Shangri'la and to find the Dragon Torque.
75Dragon TorqueA being of some power that can effect the dimensions.
76DragoonThese are battle fortresses that were used in an ancient war. They have had psychic human bonded to them in order to make them function to a degree that would work in battle. They can manifest in human form but cannot become fully active without a human controller called a D-Knight.
77Dust JacketThe "paper" that is used to wrap a book (usually a hard cover book) to protect the binding.
78EarthThe Thirteenth Colony
79EcchiEcchi is taken from the Japanese pronunciation of the letter "H". This is the first letter in the word hentai. Ecchi is "perverted" in Japanese but is not as strong as the word hentai describes. Anime that is not pornographic but yet contains sexual humor is sometimes referred to as Ecchi.
80ErrataMistakes that were not caught in editing.
81Face ValueThe amount of money that a stamp costs where purchased new. The demonination.
82FacingVertical bars read by automated equipment that can identify, orient and separates different classes of mail.
83Fan ServiceFan service is the term given to scenes that have no relevance to story plot or character development. These scenes are included for fans of the anime title only.
84FaneliaA small kingdom in Gaea of which Van is the king. It was wiped out by Zaibach.
85FanficThis is a term used for "fan fiction". This is written material by fans based on pre-existing anime.
86FansubThis is a term used to described anime that has been subtitled by a fan. This was very popular when anime was not a prevelant as today and this was the only way that anime fans could get trnslations of it.
87FIPEXFifth International Philatelic Exhibition. The Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition was in New York City on April 28 through May 5, 1956.
88Fire-BeeA Fire-bee is an attack helicopter. They are one-man helicopters that are little more than suits that allow the user patrol by air. Fire-bees are equipped with a cannon and, since they are so small, are highly maneuverable.
89First Day CoverA cover (envelope) with a stamp affixed that is cancelled on the first day it was issued. Many of these have special cancellations related to the stamp.
90First EditionThe first edition of a book. This is not synonymous with "First Printing".
91Flat PlateA metal plate used in printing presses.
92FoleyA non-speaking sound effect including grunting, screaming, coughing, laughing, etc.
93FratelloItalian for brother. This is the name given to the handler, cyborg assassin pairs in Section 2. Jose and Henryetta are a fratello.
94FreidA kingdom in Gaea that possessed an artifact from Atlantis that Zaibach needs in it conquest.
95Future HumansFuture Humans are (of course) from the future. They cannot travel any farthur back in time that three years prior to the story plot. They've determined that Haruhi has something to do with this fact and so have sent an operative to observe her.
96GMPAA Rating: General Audiences (All Ages Admitted).
97GeminonOne of the Twelve Colonies
98GenuineA term used for people that are 100% Resemble.
99Ghomvak SecurityGhomvak Security is part of the Administration. It oversees the law enforcement branch which includes bounty hunters.
100GigaThese are Dragoon emulations. They have similar capabilities without the AI and are piloted by humans.

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