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251SukiThe Japanese don't usually express love openly.  When they put their feelings into words, it is preferred to use the phrase "suki desu" - literally "to like."  "Suki da," "suki dayo" (male speech) or "suki yo" (female speech) are colloquial expressions.
252Summer of LoveAn event that happened ten years previously when the Amita Drive was first used in the Nirvash.  Huge amounts of Trapar waves caused chaos around the world.  Adroc Thurston died while stopping its effects.
253Super DeformedSuper-deformed characters exaggerate faces and bodies with the idea of appearing cute or funny.  Super-deformed characters are usually drawn to show changes in a character's mood.
254TACTerrestrial Administration Center, an agency dedicated to fighting the Arigami.
255TachikomaA small tank-like vehicle that can walk or roll on it's four legs.  They are used by Section 9 and have artificial intelligence.
256taihoThe formal title of a kirin.  This is the reverent title people use for saiho.
257TaowajanThis planet was originally a holiday planet but has fallen on hard time and is now in poverty.  The native population live in the Shadow Zone and the administrators are trying to get rid of this blight (including letting Zeiram loose).  This is Kei and Kommimasa's home planet.
258TauronOne of the Twelve Colonies
259Tedan Tippedai CorporationThe Tedan Tippedai Corporation is a company based on the planet Myce.  It developed the plan for using Zeiram as a weapon.
260The Showhamm ProjectGenom Corporation's plan to make Genom it the most powerful corporation in history by providing unlimited "clean" power.  The Showhamm Project consists of three major components: the Genom Tower; the Umbrella; and the Dragon Line.
261ThematicStamps that share a similar design and theme such as national parks, animals, space exploration, etc.  These are sometimes issued on the same page or souvenir sheets together.
262TongsTweezers usually with a flat smooth gripping service that are used to handle stamps so that finger grease and prints don't mar them.
263TopicalStamps that share a similar design and theme such as national parks, animals, space exploration, etc.  These are sometimes issued on the same page or souvenir sheets together.
264toukiA type of metal.  Weapons made of this metal have the ability to kill sennin and youma.
265Trade PaperbackA softcover (paperback) book which is usually larger in size and of better quality than a Mass-Market Paperback.
266Transit StatelliteThe transit satellite, 'trans-sat' for short, is a satellite that can transmit objects to and from space.
267TranssemblerThe transsembler allows almost instant transportation similar to the transporter in Star Trek.  The transembler needs a reception point to reassemble the transmission.
268Trapar WaveThe atmosphere of the planet is permeated by an energy known as Transparence Light Particles.  These waves are used to provide power to airships.  It can also be used with ref boards for lifting - sort of like surfing in the air.
269True AncestorA vampire.
270TV-14TV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for children under 14.
271TV-GTV Parental Guidelines - General audiences.
272TV-MATV Parental Guidelines - Recommended for mature adults.
273TV-PGTV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for younger children.
274TV-YTV Parental Guidelines - Suitable for all ages.
275TV-Y7TV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for children under seven.
276UV LightA black light that is used to view tagging that has been applied to certain stamps.  Lights with a wavelength 254 nm can be used for tagging on stamps from the United States, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, etc.  Lights with a wavelength of 366nm should be used on stamps of China, France, Mexico, etc.
277VignetteThe area of a stamp on which the main design is located.
278VirgonOne of the Twelve Colonies
279VodaracA religion followed by many on the planet.  Their views and beliefs often put them at odds with the government and are thereby considered terrorists by them.
280WatermarkSpecial marks that are incorporated into the stamp paper.  This makes it more difficult to counterfeit stamps.  Some watermarks may be seen with the naked eye while some require a special solution to view them.

AD001Multiple Crown and Script CA
AD002Multiple Stars
AD003St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
AL001WZ 2 Doppeladler
AR001small sun normal/inverted
AR002straight rays sun, normal/inverted
AR003Wavy rays sun normal/inverted
AR004empty sun
AR005honeycombs vertical (faint)
AR006honeycombs vertical
AR007honeycombs horizontal
AR008Flat sun RA (10x9 mm) sideways to left/right
AR009Flat sun RA (10x9 mm) normal/inverted
AR010round sun RA (10,5 mm) normal/inverted
AR011Oval sun RA (8,5x9 mm) normal/inverted
AR012"AP" type I (Ahorro Postal, pear shaped & closed mouth) sideways to left/right
AR013round sun RA (9,5 mm) sideways to left/right. Letters RA joined
AR014round sun RA (9,5 mm) sideways to left. Letters RA joined
AR015Round sun RA (9,5 mm) sideways to left/right, letters RA joined
AR016Oval sun RA (10x10,5 mm) normal/inverted
AR017round sun RA (9,5 mm) normal/inverted. Letters RA joined
AR018Round sun RA (10,5x11 mm) normal/inverted. Letters RA separated
AR019Round sun RA (10,5x11 mm) sideways to left/right. Letters RA separated
AR020Round sun RA (9,5 mm) sideways to left/right
AR021Oval sun RA (9,5x11 mm) normal/inverted
AR022Oval sun RA (9,5x11 mm) normal
AR023Straight rays sun RA normal/inverted
AR024Oval sun RA (10 x 11,5 mm) sideways to left/right
AR025Round sun RA (9x8,5 mm) normal/inverted
AR026Round sun RA (9,5x10 mm) sideways to left/right
AR027round sun RA (9,5 mm) normal/inverted
AR028Round sun RA (9x8,5 mm) sideways to left/right
AR029Oval sun RA (10x11,5 mm) normal/inverted
AR030Round sun RA (9x9,5 mm) sideways to left/right
AR031Casa de Moneda sideways to left/right
AR032Oval sun RA (8,5x9 mm) sideways to left/right
AT002ohne Wasserzeichen
AU001Wide Crown and Narrow A
AU002Multiple Crown and A
AU003Small Crown and A multiple
AU004Small Crown and C of A multiple, sideways
AU005Small Crown and C of A multiple
AU006crown and multiple CA
AU007Wide Crown and Wide A
BB001Multiple Crown and Script CA
BB002St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
BB003Wmk 373 crown and CA multiple
BE002ohne Wz
BE-CD001St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
BE-CD002Multiple Diagonal Crown and CA
BER01Crosses and rings
BER02DBP and cruciferous
BG001Wavy lines and letters
BM001St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
BM002Multiple Diagonal Crown and CA
BM003Multiple diagonal crown and script CA
BN001Multiple St. Edward's Crown and CA Sideways, Crown To Left of CA
BR001Watermark E - ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASIL (letter 17mm big size)
BR002Watermark F - CASA DA MOEDA (between stars)
BR003Watermark H - EUBRASIL (normal 8mm) (horizontal)
BR004Watermark K - Cruzeiro Simbol
BR005Watermark L - Coat of Arms (horizontal)
BR006Watermark N - CORREIO o BRASIL (vertical)
BR007Watermark O - +CASA+DA+MOEDA+DO+BRASIL+ (vertical)
BR008Watermark Q - *CORREIO*BRASIL* 5mm (vertical)
BR009Watermark Q - *CORREIO*BRASIL* - 5mm
BR010Watermark Q - *CORREIO*BRASIL* 5mm
BS001multiple crown and CA
BS002Multiple Crown and Script CA
BS003Multiple diagonal crown and script CA
BS004Multiple Diagonal Crown and CA
CA001ohne Wz
CH001Swiss cross, multiple
CH002Wm. 1 Swiss Cross (multiple)
CL001Chilean coat of arms, multiple
CO001Wavy Lines and C
CO002wide wavy lines
CO004Wavy lines, vertical
CS001Linden Leaves vertically (P1-P4)
CS002Linden leaves horizontally (P5-P8)
CS003Linden leaves horizontally (P8)
CU002R de C - monogram
CY001Multiple Crown and Script CA
CY002Map of Cyprus and Letters
DA001small meshes, standing
DA002small meshes, lying
DD001DDR and Cross blossoms, inverted
DD002DDR and Cross blossoms
DDR1DDR and cross blossom
DDR2DDR and cross blossom, inverted
DDR3DDR Posthorn horizontal, letters 5 mm high, long posthorn 17 mm
DDR4DDR Posthorn horizontal, letters 6 mm high, short posthorn 15 mm
DDR5DDR Posthorn vertical, letters 5 mm high, long posthorn 17 mm
DDR6DDR Posthorn vertical, letters 6 mm high, short posthorn 15 mm
DE001Standing DP, decreasing strokes
DE001DEUTSCHE POST decreasing
DE002DEUTSCHE POST decreasing
DE003Waffles, sideways
DE004Lozenges, sideways
DE006Decreasing decorative lines, reversed standing BP
DE007Rising decorative lines, reversed BP lying to the right
DE008Decreasing decorative lines, BP lying to the right
DE009DBP and cruciferous
DE010narrow horizontal wavy lines
DE011narrow vertical wavy lines
DE-BY001narrow horizontal wavy lines
DK001Big Crown
DK002Wm 1Z (oval crown)
DK003Crosses, multiple
DM001multiple crown and CA
EG001Crescent and Star
EG002Wm. 4 Crown and Egyptian "F"
EG003Multiple Crown and arabic F
EG004Multiple Eagle and Arabic script
EG005Multiple Eagle and "Misr"
EG006Multiple Coat of Arms
FI001posthorn upright to the left
FJ001Multiple Crown CA Diagonal (sideways)
FJ002Multiple Crown CA Diagonal (sideways) Script
GB001numeral 50, SIDEWAYS (as shown).
GB-BZ001St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
GB-GC001Multiple Crown and Script CA
GB-GE001multiple crown and CA
GB-GE002Multiple Crown and Script CA
GB-GE003Multi-crown with script CA
GB-GE004St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
GB-GE005Multiple St. Edwards Crown Block CA
GB-GE006Multiple St. Edwards Crown Block CA sideways
GB-GI001Crown and CA, descending, multiple
GB-GY001multiple crown and CA
GB-GY002Multiple Crown and Script CA
GB-PS001CA multiple writed
GH001Multiple star and G sideways
GI001Crown and CA, descending, multiple inverted
GI002Crown and CA, descending, multiple
GI003Crown and CA, descending, multiple - sideways
GR001Wm. 2 oblique crowns
HU001Wm. 13: Pentagram
IE001Monogram "SE" multiple
IE002Wm. 2 "e" multiple
IL001Israel in Hebrew (multiple)
IL002Running Stag in Oval (multiple)
IL003"Israel" in Hebrew Script (multiple)
IN-CO001Sheets of stamps have single large watermark. Stamps can have partial or none.
IN-TR001Conch Shell - type B. Side pieces not attached to body of shell.
IR001Lion and sun in a circle
IT001Star I, horizontal (Wmk. 4)
JP001Vertical zigzags - Watermark A
JP002Horizontal zigzags
JP003Three sets of vertical alternating cupolas
JP004Three vertical wavy lines - Watermark C
JP005Three vertical wavy lines
JP006Vertical zigzags
KI001Crown and CA, descending, multiple
KI002Crown & CA
KN-N001Multiple Crown CA Diagonal
LK001multiple crown and CA
LK002Multiple Crown and Script CA
LK003Multiple Crown and Script CA, sideways
LK004Lotus and Sri Multiple
LK005lotus flower sideways
MM001Elephant heads
MT001Maltese cross sideways (as shown)
NoneNo watermark
PA001RP and Stars, multiple
SG001St. Edward's Crown and CA, multiple
SK001Double Barred Cross Multiple
TT001Multiple Crown and Script CA
TW001You (Post), large
TW002You (big)
US001Double-lined "USPS" (fragment)
US002Single-lined "USPS" (fragment)
US003ohne Wz
VA001Crossed keys
VA002WM 1, mutiple crossed keys
281World Fantasy AwardReader ballots compile the list of candidates is generated by for this award.  A panel of judges selects additional candidates as well as the winners of the award.  It includes fantasy and horror fiction.  The winners are announced annually at the World Fantasy Convention on Halloween.  In 1989 Koko by Peter Straub was awarded the World Fantasy Award..
282WWWAWWWA = Worlds Welfare Works Association
283XMPAA Rating:  Persons Under 17 Not Admitted.
284XXXMovie rating that has never been officially sanctioned by the MPAA.  Used by adult movie makers to imply a more hardcore movie than the simple X rating.
285YoukosoJapanese term for "welcome".
286youmaA general name for the evil beasts that roam free when a country is without a king or the king is demented.  These can be sometimes tamed and controlled.
287ZaibachA large empire ruled by Dornkirk.  Under his leadership they've advanced in technology and are attempting to rule the world.

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