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201PiconOne of the Twelve Colonies
202Plane SpaceThe two-dimensional space reached through a sord which allow faster than light travel.  Also known as Fath.
203Plate BlockTerm ImageA block of stamps that includes a plate number on the selvage which identifies the plate used during printing.
204Postage DueA type of stamp that indicates there was not enough postage to deliver the letter.  The receiver then pays the additional postage shown.
205Postal StationarySome form of letter or postcard that has postage payment pre-marked on it and therefore does not require a stamp.
206PostmarkA mark indicating from where the letter was sent.  Usually used as part of the cancellation.
207Power TypeHow the track is powered and the locomotives are controlled.

DCDirect Current
DCCDigital Command and Control
208PrecancelledPrecancelled letters are primarily used for bulk mailers in order to reduce processing time.
209PrexiesA nickname given to the Presidential defiinitives series issued 1938-1954.
210PROCEEDGenetically altered girls as a result of the Blast Fall that have superior strength and skills.
211RMPAA Rating: Restricted (Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian).
212RaajaThey vary in size and appear to attack the planet and living things.  I appears that they may actually be cleansing the planet.
213Red ShieldAn organization that was formed in order to combat the Chiropterans.
214Ref BoardReflecting Board - a board used to ride the Trapar Waves in order to glide in the air.
215ResembleThis is the generic term used for human body replacement parts.
216RomdoA domed city built to protect the inhabitants from the harsh environment outside.
217RoninMasterless samurai  that usually became mercenaries in order to survive.  This refers back to the feudal days of Japan.
218RUCReestablishment Universe Committee - The  company that manages day to day activities within the city like a government.
219SagittaronOne of the Twelve Colonies
220saihoAnother term for taiho.  This is the rank of a kirin, the second-in-command to the king.
221SchiffA cross between Chevaliers and Chiropterans and made by humans using the blood of Diva.  They develop an affliction they call the Thorn which cuases their bodies to crystalize.
222ScorpiaOne of the Twelve Colonies
223Section 9Public Security Section 9 is the intelligence department under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
224SEEDAn organization that monitors the environment and fights Raaja when necessary.
225SeinenManga or anime tailored specifically for boys - mostly college aged and thus more mature than shonen.
226SeiyuuSeiyuu are Voice Actors.  In Japan, anime voice actors are usually very well paid as compared to the average US voice actor.
227Self-Defense ForceJapan's new constitution drafted after World War II was aimed to prevent militaristic nationalism that could allow Japan entering another war.  Japan could not have a standing army but in 1954, the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) were formed to protect the Japanese nation against invaders.
228SelvageThe margin of a pane of stamps.  This may include plate numbers and other markings.  Individual stamps or blocks may have selvage attached also.
229Semi-postalPostage stamps are sold for more than their postage value in order to raise funds for a charity.
230SempaiThis is a term used in to refer to a person with more seniority, usually in school or at work.
231senninA person can become a sennin and in doing so will not age or die from disease.  Rulers become sennin and most advisors are sennin also.  Anyone can become one at the request of a ruler.  Sennin also have the ability to understand all languages of the Twelve Kingdoms and Hourai.  Sennin can only die by a touki weapon, being cut in half or beheading.
232senseiSensei is  the Japanese equivalent for the word "teacher" or instructor.  This can pertain to anyone that instructs or teaches and not just in schools.
233SentouA sento is a Japanese bath house.  They are usually a large room with a tall barrier separating the areas for the sexes.
234SeriesA group of books dealing with the same theme.
235Se-tenantTwo or more stamps that are attached but are of different designs.
236Shangri'laA dimension that appears to want the destruction of time and space.
237ShieldsShields are used quite frequently for a multitude of reasons.  They can be used to protection in space, to place a being or object into a "frozen" state, for protection of small arms fire, etc.
238ShinjinThis is the monster that appears withing Closed Space and appears to be the manifestation of Haruhi's subconscious.  The more Closed Space is destroyed by a Shinjin, the larger it gets.
239ShoujoManga or anime tailored specifically for young girls.
240ShounenManga or anime tailored specifically for young boys.
241shouzanA pilgramige made by citizens of a kingdom when their ruler has died and a new one has not been selected for awhile.
242shuseiPeople that do not belong to a country and travel around the world.
243Silky DollThis is a lingerie store owned by Sylia Stingray which also doubles as the headquarters for the Knight Sabers.
244SlipcaseA case that a book can be put into to protect it from the elements.
245SobaBuckwheat noodles.
246SoftsuitsThe Knight Sabers use suits called softsuits to interface with the first generation hardsuits.  These suits are skin tight and allow the user to control the hardsuit through them.  Each hardsuit has to be calibrated to the specific users softsuit.
247Souvenir SheetSheets of stamps that are issued primarily for collecting purposes.  These will usually have some form of decorative border and additional information included.
248SpecialSpecials are usually similar to definitives but are issued for special occasions or themes.  The Love stamps and the Christmas stamps are examples.
249STNJThis is the Salomon witch management organization's Japanese branch.  This branch does not kill witches as most others do.  They capture them and keep them in the Factory.
250SufugnoffThis is the system taken by the United Mankind after they attacked the Gosroth.  They blamed the Abh for the attack in order to justify taking this system.

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