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Joe Abercrombie

Note: As of this time, this section is only linked to the Books, Comic Books, Shows and Song (Music) sections even if these people appear in other sections of the website.  Also - people associated with the Sooner Football and Stamp Collection sections are not included here unless they've appeared in one of the other sections as well.


You put a mask on a person, something weird happens. Changes the way they act along with the way they look. Sometimes they don’t seem like people at all no more, but something else.
I swear, the more you give a man, the more he demands, and the less happy he becomes.
The boundaries of civilisation are not the impregnable walls civilised men take them for. As easily as smoke on the wind, they can dissolve.
One cannot eliminate unhappiness any more than one can eliminate darkness.  The goal of government, you see,... is to load the unhappiness onto those least able to make you suffer for it.
When you tell a lie, you have to sound like you believe it....  Goes double for the ones you tell yourself.
It ain’t ever as simple, is it, as a man is just good or bad?  Not even you.  Not even Bethod.  Not anybody.
Government is tyranny.  At its best it is dressed in pretty colours.
It gets tiresome being spoken to as if you are a child, even if you happen to be one.
My father always claimed that a league wasn't really a unit of measurement at all, just a way for farmers to attach numbers to their rough guesses.
Soldiers seemed to care a great deal for flags.  She had never understood that.  You could not kill a man with one.  You could not protect yourself with one.  And yet men would die for flags.
That's what an idiot does when he gets angry.  He destroys whatever's nearest, even if it's his own house!
But some things have to be done.  It's better to do them, than to live with the fear of them.


# Year Title Role Series
1 2006 The Blade Itself Writer The First Law (1)
2 2007 Before They Are Hanged Writer The First Law (2)
3 2008 Last Argument of Kings Writer The First Law (3)
4 2009 Best Served Cold Writer First Law World (4)
5 2011 The Heroes Writer First Law World (5)
6 2012 Red Country Writer First Law World (6)
7 2014 Half a King Writer Shattered Sea (1)
8 2015 Half the World Writer Shattered Sea (2)
9 2015 Half a War Writer Shattered Sea (3)
10 2016 Sharp Ends Writer First Law World (7)
11 2019 A Little Hatred Writer Age of Madness (1)
12 2020 The Trouble with Peace Writer Age of Madness (2)
13 2022 The Wisdom of Crowds Writer Age of Madness (3)

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