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Half a War

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 Shattered Sea*
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Shattered Sea*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A young adult series by the master of grimdark Joe Abercrombie.

1) Half a King
2) Half the World
3) Half a War
Copyright © 2015 by Joe Abercrombie
For Teddy
"We have lost," said King Fynn, staring into his ale.
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Synopsis* (may contain spoilers)
Half a War is the concluding book in Joe Abercrombie's Shattered Sea trilogy. It follows the story of three friends as they navigate the brutal politics and devastation of war.

Princess Skara of Throvenland, Prince Raith of Gettland, and the former slave, Koll, find themselves fighting on the same side against the High King, who seeks to dominate the region with his army of Shanka, a fearsome race of warriors from the North. However, even as they join forces, old wounds and rivalries threaten to tear them apart.

Skara, who has seen the brutal devastation of war first hand, is determined to protect her people at any cost. She plans to seek allies and arm her kingdom to face the High King’s army head-on. With the help of her advisor Father Yarvi, Skara begins the process of making alliances and preparing for war.

Meanwhile, Koll, still haunted by his past and tortured by his actions and choices, tries to redeem himself and find a place in the world. He is determined to fight for Skara’s cause and prove himself worthy of their trust. However, as he ventures into enemy territory, he finds himself questioning his loyalties and the true nature of war.

Lastly, Prince Raith, a fearless and reckless warrior, seeks glory and recognition on the battlefield. He is determined to win the war and earn the respect of his father, who has always looked down on him. However, as the war takes a brutal toll on his fellow soldiers, Raith begins to question the cost of his ambition and the true nature of victory.

As the three friends face their own demons and struggles, they must also navigate the treacherous politics of the region, as competing kingdoms and factions vie for power and influence. The High King’s army, led by his ruthless daughter, Grandmother Wexen, is an ever-present threat, and the Shanka prove to be a fearsome foe. Nonetheless, Skara, Koll, and Raith are determined to fight for their cause and save their people, no matter the cost.

The war culminates in a brutal battle, as the armies of Throvenland, Gettland, and their allies face the High King and his army. The fighting is intense, and many of the characters we have come to know and love are killed or gravely injured. The stakes are high, and the odds are against them, but Skara, Koll, and Raith refuse to give up. They fight for their people, for their futures, and for each other.

In the end, the war comes to a close, but not without an immense cost. Skara, Koll, and Raith have survived, but they are forever changed by the experiences they have had. They have gained new insights and perspectives on the world, and on themselves. They have learned the true cost of war, but also the power of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Half a War is a thrilling and emotional conclusion to the Shattered Sea trilogy. It explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the cost of war, all while telling an engaging and action-packed story. Abercrombie’s writing is as excellent as ever, with well-drawn characters and vivid descriptions that transport the reader into the midst of battle. This book (and the entire trilogy) is a must-read for anyone looking for a gripping and impactful fantasy series.

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Charles Keating  - Narration

Princess Skara has seen all she loved made blood and ashes. She is left with only words. But the right words can be as deadly as any blade. She must conquer her fears and sharpen her wits to a lethal edge if she is to reclaim her birthright. Only half a war is fought with swords The deep-cunning Father Yarvi has walked a long road from crippled slave to king's minister. He has made allies of old foes and stitched together an uneasy peace. But now the ruthless Grandmother Wexen has raised the greatest army since the elves made war on God, and put Bright Yilling at its head - a man who worships no god but Death. Sometimes one must fight evil with evil Some - like Thorn Bathu and the sword-bearer Raith - are born to fight, perhaps to die. Others - like Brand the smith and Koll the wood-carver - would rather stand in the light. But when Mother War spreads her iron wings, she may cast the whole Shattered Sea into darkness.
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Joe Abercrombie  
Birth: 30 Dec 1974 Lancaster, England


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