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Part One - Awful Things
1 - Tigerwolves
2 - The Forest
3 - Goblins
4 - Hekkabah
5 - The Nyphron Church
Part Two - New Beginnings
6 - The Longest Day
7 - Growing the Flock
Part Three - Hidden Gifts
8 - The First City
9 - The Tree House
10 - Rappaport and Wardley
11 - The Warlord
12 - Riddle of the Rogue
13 - The Proposal
Part Four - Unexpected Challenge
14 - Eber-On-Aston
15 - The Forbidden Forest
16 - The Witch
Fart Five - Tutors
17 - Lost and Found
18 - Meet the Tutors
19 - Teaching the Prince
20 - Finding Space
21 - Conspiracy
Part Six - A House Divided
22 - Granting Wishes
23 - Seven's Shadow
24 - The Story Retold
25 - Training Lessons
26 - Departure
27 - Merredydd
28 - The Hawthorn Glen
29 - Ryin Contita
30 - In the Shadow
31 - Rochelle
32 - Before the Gates
33 - The Legion and the Leash
34 - Mileva
35 - The Pile
36 - The Riva
37 - Sailing Home
38 - Visitors
39 - A House Divided
40 - Preparing to Leave
41 - The Secret
42 - The Tower
43 - As Light Fades
44 - Fallout
45 - The Prince
46 - The Night of Sorrow
47 - Founder's Day
48 - Farewell
49 - Fall the Wall
50 - The Heir of Nyphron
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 The Rise and Fall*
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The Rise and Fall*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A fantasy series by Michael J Sullivan.

1) Nolyn
2) Farilane
3) Esrahaddon
Copyright © 2023 by Michael J. Sullivan
This book is dedicated to Patrick Burnett and Cheryl Skynar.
To my knowledge, they are the only childhood
friends who have read any of my books.
As he rushed up the Grand Marchway toward the Imperial Palace, Esrahaddon prepared himself to kill.
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Added: 22-Jun-2023
Last Updated: 14-Feb-2024


Audible Studios
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29 hrs 32 min (936 pages)
1)   7 Feb 2024 - 14 Feb 2024
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United States
Tim Gerard Reynolds  - Narration
Michael J Sullivan  - Narration
Robin Sullivan  - Narration

A hero to some. A villain to many. The truth forever buried.

The man who became known as Esrahaddon is reported to have destroyed the world’s greatest empire—but there are those who believe he saved it. Few individuals are as divisive, but all agree on three facts: He was exiled to the wilderness, hunted by a goblin priestess, and sentenced to death by a god—all before the age of eight. How he managed to survive and why people continued to fear his name 1,000 years later has always been a mystery ... until now.

From the three-time New York Times bestselling author Michael J. Sullivan, Esrahaddon is the final novel in the Rise and Fall trilogy. This latest set of stories sits snugly between the Legends of the First Empire series and the Riyria books (Revelations and Chronicles). With this tale, Michael continues his tradition of unlikely heroes who must rise to the call when history knocks, demanding to be let in. This is the 19th full-length novel in a body of work that started in 2008 and spans four series.
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Notes and Comments:
©2023 Michael J. Sullivan ℗2023 Audible, Inc.



Michael J Sullivan  
Birth: 17 Sep 1961 Detroit, Michigan, USA
From "About the Creator" on

Michael J. Sullivan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Washington Post bestselling author, and no one is more surprised by those facts than he. When just a boy, Michael found a typewriter in the basement of a friend's house, inserted a blank piece of paper, and typed, "It was a dark and stormy night." He was just ten years old and mimicking the only writer he knew at the time: Snoopy. That spark ignited a flame, and Michael's desire to fill blank pages became a life-long obsession.

As an adult, Michael spent more than ten years developing his craft by studying authors such as Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck. During that time, he wrote thirteen novels but found no interest from the publishing industry. Since insanity is repeating the same action while expecting a different result, he made the rational choice and quit, vowing never to write creatively again. Never turned out to be too long for Michael, and after a decade, he returned to the keyboard in his forties, but with one condition: He wouldn't seek publication. Instead, he wrote a series of books that had been building in his head during his hiatus.

His first reading love was fantasy, and he hoped to foster a similar reaction in his then thirteen-year-old daughter who struggled due to dyslexia. After reading the third book of this series, his wife insisted that the novels had to "get out there." When Michael refused to jump back onto the query-go-round, Robin took over the publication tasks, and she has run the business side of his writing ever since.


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