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 Holly Gibney*
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Holly Gibney*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A spin-off from the Bill Hodges series by Stephen King featuring Holly Gobney introduced in Mr Mercedes.

1) The Outsider
2) Holly
Copyright © 2023 by Stephen King
This is for Chuck Verrill:
Editor, agent, and most of all, friend.
Thanks, Chuck.
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This was almost like reading a series of tweets by Stephen King. It seemed like I had to swim up a rapidly flowing river of TDS and progressivism with a strainer and then sift through the dirt and silt to get a story. The story was good enough to raise this from one star to two.
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Added: 06-Dec-2023
Last Updated: 27-Dec-2023


Simon & Schuster
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15 hrs 24 min (463 pages)
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1)   22 Dec 2023 - 27 Dec 2023
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United States
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Shane Leonard - Photographer
Shane Leonard - Director
Shane Leonard - Producer
Justine Lupe  - Narration
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Julia Terry - Associate Producer
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Holly Gibney, one of Stephen King's most compelling and ingeniously resourceful characters, returns in this thrilling novel to solve the gruesome truth behind multiple disappearances in a midwestern town.
"Sometimes the universe throws you a rope."

Stephen King's Holly marks the triumphant return of beloved King character Holly Gibney.  Listeners have witnessed Holly's gradual transformation from a shy (but also brave and ethical) recluse in Mr. Mercedes to Bill Hodge's partner in Finders Keepers to a full-fledged, smart, and occasionally tough private detective in The Outsider.  In King's new novel, Holly is on her own, and up against a pair of unimaginably depraved and brilliantly disguised adversaries.

When Penny Dahl calls the Finders Keepers detective agency, hoping For help locating her missing daughter, Holly is reluctant to accept the case.  Her partner, Pete, has Covid.  Her (very complicated) mother has just died.  And Holly is meant to be on leave.  But something in Penny Dahl's desperate voice makes it impossible for Holly to turn her down.

Mere blocks from where Bonnie Dahl disappeared live Professors Rodney and Emily Harris.  They are the picture of bourgeois respectability: married octogenarians, devoted to each other, and semiretired lifelong academics.  But they are harboring an unholy secret in the basement of their well-kept, book-lined home, one that may be related to Bonnie's disappearance.  And it will prove nearly impossible to discover what they are up to: they are savvy, they are patient, and they are ruthless.

Holly must summon all her formidable talents to outthink and outmaneuver the shockingly twisted professors in this chilling new masterwork from Stephen King.

STEPHEN KING is the author of more than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers.  His recent work includes Fairy Tale, Billy Summers, If It Bleeds, The Institute, Elevation, The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties (co-written with his son Owen King), and the Bill Hodges trilogy: End of Watch, Finders Keepers, and Mr. Mercedes (an Edgar Award winner for Best Novel and a television series streaming on Peacock).  His novel 11/22/63 was named a top ten book of 2011 by the New York Times Book Review.  He is the recipient of the 2018 PEN America Literary Service Award, the 2014 National Medal of Arts, and the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.  He lives in Bangor, Maine, with his wife, novelist Tabitha King.

JUSTINE LUPE starred in the HBO award-winning series Succession, the Netflix film Luckiest Girl Alive, Noah Baumbach's Frances Ho, and David Chas's Not Fade Away.  She was a series regular on Mr. Mercedes and appeared for years on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  Theater roles include the Philip Seymour Hoffman-directed drama A Family for All Occasions at the Bank Street Theater and Empothitrox at HERE Arts Center.  Justine is the co-creator and star of the Adult Swim Smalls micro series The Non-Essentials.  She is a graduate of The Julliard School.
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 Stephen King
Birth: 21 Sep 1947 Portland, Maine, USA
Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland Maine.  His parents were Donald Edwin and Ruth Pillsbury King.  Stephen King's father, Donald, went out for cigarettes and never came back.  In January 1959 Stephen King and David King, his brother, began publishing their own newspaper named Dave's Rag

Stephen King went to Lisbon High School in 1962.  In 1963 they he and a friend, Chris Chesley, published a 18 short stories called People, Places, and Things - Volume I.  Stephen King graduated from high school in 1966 and took a went on to the University of Maine.  During his first year at college he finished his first novel entitled The Long Walk.  He submitted the novel for publication but it was rejected.

Stephen King sold his first story The Glass Floor for $35.00.  Stephen King graduated from the University of Maine in June 1970 with a BA in English.  On January 2, 1971, Tabitha Jane Spruce and Stephen King were married.   later that same year Stephen King began teaching at Hampden Academy.

In January 1973, Stephen King submitted Carrie to Doubleday and in March, they bought the book.  Stephen King has had numerous short stories and novels published.  His books have been translated into 33 different languages and have been published in over 35 different countries.  He lives in Bangor, Maine with his wife Tabitha.


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