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Part 1 - Getting to Know Me
Chapters 1-10
Back in the Day the Boy, the Father, the Ants
Part 2 - Dirty Money, Attack Dogs and Spurtles
Chapters 11-18
Back in the Day the Boy, the Father, the Birds
Part 3 - What the Seer Saw
Chapters 19-24
Back in the Day the Boy, the Father, the Fish
Part 4 - 380 Miles to Mordor
Chapters 25-29
Back in the Day the Innocent Boy, the Evil Father, the Ants, the Fish, the Birds
Part 5 - The Way and the Way Not
Chapters 30-38
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Copyright © 2022 by The Koontz Living Trust
This book is dedicated to the memory of four
writers who pumped up my imagination in wildly
different ways during the years I suffered through
grades seven through twelve:

Ray Bradbury
Robert Heinlein
Theodore Sturgeon
Jack Douglas
My name is Quinn Quicksilver - or "Cue-Cue" to the mean kids when I was growing up - but I can't blame my parents because I don't know who they are.
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Added: 22-Jan-2024
Last Updated: 08-Apr-2024


A lot of people these days are the opposite of what they say they are, and a lot of them probably don't even realize it.  They're opposed to racism even as they act like racists.  They're opposed to fascism, even as they act like fascists.  The world's gone weird.

Dean R Koontz
Bridget Rainking
First, it is a mistake to presume to know anyone's internal emotional landscape based on what external emotional signals they seem to be sending.  Second, you can apologize for something you have done, but only a fool apologizes for things that other people have done, for he has no authority to do that.

Dean R Koontz
Quinn Quicksilver
Unfortunately, my mind was also in part formed by the apocalyptic, death-obsessed culture of the past several decades. Tens of millions were supposed to have died in an ice age back in the 1980s, just as predicted in 1969, and still more were said to be doomed by a bath of acid rain shortly thereafter, as well as in radiation that would fry the world when the ozone layer disappeared. Hadn’t hundreds of millions more perished at the turn of the millennium - Y2K - when every damn computer went haywire and all the nuclear missiles in the world were launched, to say nothing of the lethal effects of canola oil in theater popcorn? Living in the End Times was exhausting. When you were assured that billions of people were on the brink of imminent death at every minute of the day, it was hard to get the necessary eight hours of sleep, even harder to limit yourself to only one or two alcoholic drinks each day, when your stress level said, I gotta get smashed.

Dean R Koontz
Quinn Quicksilver
I despaired that so many people, born with the knowledge of intuition and with the ability to reason, shaped their lives instead by sheer emotion.  So many were swept away by boldfaced lies and swayed into currents of vicious fantasies, until they were so far from the shore of truth that they couldn’t even see it.

Dean R Koontz
Quinn Quicksilver


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Todd Haberkorn  - Narration
#1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense Dean Koontz takes a surprising and exhilarating road trip with a man in pursuit of his strange past - mile by frightening mile.

Quinn Quicksilver was born a mystery - abandoned at three days old on a desert highway in Arizona.  Raised in an orphanage, never knowing his parents, Quinn had a happy if unexceptional life.  Until the day of "strange magnetism."  It compelled him to drive out to the middle of nowhere.  It helped him find a coin worth a lot of money.  And it practically saved his life when two government agents showed up in the diner in pursuit of him.  Now Quinn is on the run from those agents and who knows what else, fleeing for his life.

During a shoot-out at a forlorn dude ranch, he finally meets his destined companions: Bridget Rainking, a beauty as gifted in foresight as she is with firearms, and her grandpa Sparky, a romance novelist with an unusual past Bridget knows what it's like to be Quinn.  She's hunted, too.  The only way to stay alive is to keep moving.

Barreling through the Sonoran Desert, the formidable trio is impelled by that same inexplicable magnetism toward the inevitable.  With every deeply disturbing mile, something sinister is in the rearview - an enemy that is more than a match for Quinn.  Even as he discovers within himself resources that are every bit as scary.
Book Cover
Notes and Comments:
© 2022 by The Koontz Living Trust ℗ 2021 Brilliance Publishing, Inc.
8 CDs



Dean R Koontz  
Birth: 09 Jul 1945 Everett, Pennsylvania, USA


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