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The House at the End of the World

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One - Alone
The Last Light of the Day
A Little Fortress
A Work of Art
Depth Charges
Turning Down the Bed
An Artist Is a Mathematician Who Knows the Formulas of the Soul
Dinner With Daphne
The Mystic
A Message from the Dead
Just in Case
3:26 A.M.
An Inquiring Mind
Two - Visitors
Gunner Lindblom
Evidence Before
Jacob's Ladder: The Therapist
The Grotto
A Slight Inconvenience
The Gulls and the Fox
Before Jacob's Ladder: The Attorney
Keeping Watch
Three - Men
Their Names
Three Lockdown
The Long Way Home
A Young Man's Accomplishments
Feverish Calculation
One Less Option
A Useless Apple
Show No Fear
The Cry
Lupo and Hamal Together
Hampton Rice
Without Tea and Table
Along for the Ride
Mother, Are You There Yet?
Four - Storm
In Memory of the Dog
An Error of Timing
Meanwhile, On Oak Haven
The Sound That Is Not Thunder
Goodbye to All That
To Go Down in History
The Hard Way Out
His Hands are Instruments of Justice
Five - Purpose
To the Boathouse
The Call
Down the Drain
Raleigh Considers Moloch
The Crossing
The Why of It
The Devil of the Stairs
A Knock on the Door
Raleigh Answers Raleigh
An Exchange in the Hallway
Six - Brink
Six Years Before the Crisis on Ringrock
Raleigh Receives the Demand
What Walks the Night
Into the Outer Dark
Before Jacob's Ladder: The Crematorium
Who Goes There?
Seven - Practice
To the Mainland
Future Tense
Streets of Reflection
Five Days Earlier: Grandma's Kitchen
The Lives of Others
Eight - Nest
A Disagreement
Nine - Aftermath
The Fox and the Artist
The Eagle, the Lion, and the Crocodiles
Out of the Darkness
The Moon and the Man
The Jaws of the Vise Invisible
By a Route Obscure and Lonely
Bad News
Damnation Alley
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Copyright © 2023 by The Koontz Living Trust
To Gerda.  To mark fifty-six years of marriage-the
halfway point!
Katie lives alone on an island.
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Added: 05-Feb-2024
Last Updated: 24-Apr-2024


Why?  Why do the authorities allow the criminal gangs that terrorize neighborhoods and entire cities to thrive as they do?  Politicians, attorneys general, district attorneys, and the FBI have the power to destroy the gangs and prevent most of the crimes they commit, the murdering and raping and human trafficking and the endless flood of drugs across the border, the hateful murdering murdering murdering of faithful husbands and little girls in their Sunday dresses.  Yet the people with the power to stop men like Hamal and Lupo and Parker often facilitate their activities.  Maybe the majority of politicians and their appointees are corrupt, but not all.  Are those uncorrupted individuals so often ineffective because they are cowards or lazy or stupid?  Does loyalty to party, class, club, or ideology matter to them more than doing what is right?  Why?  Why can't such people see that the crime and anarchy they permit to flourish in poor and middle-class neighborhoods will eventually metastasize into the enclaves of the elite where they live their privileged lives?  Why do they have contempt for those not in their circle?  Why can't they see that being of the people rather than ruling over them is the only way that they themselves will survive?
Even though comfort based on an illusion is itself illusory, it is for a while a deliverance from the anxiety and existential dread that the world today can generate in abundance.
When a majority of people in any society share the same array of illusions and cling passionately to them, they will encourage one another until illusion becomes delusion, until delusion becomes mass insanity.  Whole societies do go mad.  History is filled with chilling examples.


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Damon Freeman - Cover Design
Natalie Naudus  - Narration

In retreat from a devastating loss and crushing injustice, Katie lives alone in a fortresslike stone house on Jacob's Ladder island.  Once a rising star in the art world, she finds refuge in her painting.

The neighboring island of Ringrock houses a secret: a government research facility.  And now two agents have arrived on Jacob's Ladder in search of someone - or something - they refuse to identify.  Although an air of menace hangs over these men, an infinitely greater threat has arrived, one so strange even the island animals are in a State of high alarm.

Katie soon finds herself in an epic and terrifying battle with a mysterious enemy.  But Katie’s not alone after all: a brave young girl appears out of the violent squall.  As Katie and her companion struggle across a dark and eerie landscape, against them is an omnipresent terror that could bring about the end of the world.
Book Cover
Notes and Comments:
© 2023 by The Koontz Living Trust. ℗ 2022 Brilliance Publishing, Inc.
9 CDs



Dean R Koontz  
Birth: 09 Jul 1945 Everett, Pennsylvania, USA


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