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Civil War - Fiction
Imaginary wars and battles - Fiction
Science fiction
War stories
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Empire*   See series as if on a bookshelf
Series by Orson Scott Card

1) Empire
2) Hidden Empire
Copyright © 2006 by Orson Scott Card
To Cyndie and Jeremy
for finding the balance
between the law and life
and for sharing Victor and Cataan
"Treason only matters when it is committed by trusted men."
May contain spoilers
"Let's have cookies."
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Added: 08-Oct-2009
Last Updated: 19-Mar-2023


Tor Books
Paperback A
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Paperback A
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United States
Beth Meacham - Editor
Bob Warner  - Cover Artist
The American Empire has grown too fast, and the fault lines at home are stressed to the breaking point. The war of words between Right and Left has collapsed into a shooting war, though most people just want to be left alone.

The battle rages between the high-technology weapons on one side, and militia foot-soldiers on the other, devastating the cities, and overrunning the countryside. But the vast majority, who only want the killing to stop, and the nation to return to more peaceful days, have technology, weapons and strategic geniuses of their own.

When the American dream shatters into violence, who can hold the people and the government together? And which side will you be on?

[A] relentless thriller, which couldn't be timelier."
- Booklist
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Notes and Comments:
First Edition: November 2006
First Mass Market Edition: December 2007
First printing based on the number line
Canada: $9.99

I picked up this book since I pretty much devour Orson Scot Card books. This was a good concept and a good story but there just seemed something a little rushed about it.

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Orson Scott Card  
Birth: 24 Aug 1951 Richland, Washington, USA


2007Libertarian Futurist SocietyPrometheus Award Nominee
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