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Lady of Avalon

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The Faerie Queen speaks
Part 1 - The Wisewoman
Chapters 1-8
Part 2 - The High Priestess
Chapters 9-16
Part 3 - Daughter of Avalon
Chapters 17-24
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Avalon*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A fantasy series by Marion Zimmer Bradley about the Aurthurian legends.

1) The Mists of Avalon
2) The Forest House
3) Lady of Avalon
4) Priestess of Avalon
5) Ancestors of Avalon
6) Ravens of Avalon
7) Sword of Avalon
Copyright © Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1997
To Diana L, Paxson,
without whom this book could not have been written,
and to Darkmoon Circle, the priestess of Avalon.
It was nearing sunset, and the quiet waters of the Vale of Avalon were overlaid with gold.
May contain spoilers
Then the Merlin of Britannia and the Lady of Avalon came down from the Tor to begin the new day.
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Tantor Audio
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Rosalyn Landor  - Narration

Through the generations the women of Avalon prepare for the coming of the Defender, the sacred king who will guard the old ways of the Britons and save their land from destruction. On the holy isle of Avalon, hidden in the mists between the world of Faerie and the world of men, they wait. For High Priestess Caillean, facing the Roman foe, salvation comes not through victory, but bitter sacrifice.

Two hundred years later, her successor, Dierna, faces a new enemy: the Saxon hordes who assail her people like savages. By the time of Viviane, Britain seems wholly lost. But a Merlin is made amongst the Druids once more, and the day of the Defender, who will come to be known as Arthur, draws close.

A spellbinding historical fantasy, Lady of Avalon links the best-selling novels in the Avalon series - The Forests of Avalon and The Mists of Avalon.
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©1997 Marion Zimmer Bradley ℗2010 Tantor



Marion Zimmer Bradley  
Birth: 03 Jun 2030 Albany, New York, USA
Death: 25 Sep 1999

Diana L Paxson  


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