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Rendezvous with Rama

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Rama (Imaginary space vehicle) - Fiction
Science Fiction
See 46
1 - Spaceguard
2 - Intruder
3 - Rama and Sita
4 - Rendezvous
5 - First EVA
6 - Committee
7 - Two Wives
8 - Through the Hub
9 - Reconnaissance
10 - Descent into Darkness
11 - Men, Women, and Monkeys
12 - The Stairway of the Gods
13 - The Plain of Rama
14 - Storm Warning
15 - The Edge of the Sea
16 - kealakekua
17 - Spring
18 - Dawn
19 - A Warning from Mercury
20 - Book of Revelation
21 - After the Storm
22 - To Sail the Cylindrical Sea
23 - N.Y., Rama
24 - Dragonfly
25 - Maiden Flight
26 - The Voice of Rama
27 - Electric Wind
28 - Icarus
29 - First Contact
30 - The Flower
31 - Terminal Velocity
32 - The Wave
33 - Spider
34 - His Excellency Regrets...
35 - Special Delivery
36 - Biot Watcher
37 - Missile
38 - General Assembly
39 - Command Decision
40 - Saboteur
41 - Hero
42 - Temple of Glass
43 - Retreat
44 - Space Drive
45 - Phoenix
46 - Interlude
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Rama*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A science-fiction series created and written by Arthur C Clarke.  Books later in the series co-authored by Gentry Lee.

1) Rendezvous with Rama
2) Rama II
3) Garden of Rama
4) Rama Revealed
Copyright © 1973 by Arthur C. Clarke
To Sri Lanka,
where I climbed the
stairway of the Gods
Sooner or later, it was bound to happen.
May contain spoilers
The Ramans do everything in threes.
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Added: 29-Dec-2002
Last Updated: 14-Mar-2023


Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback
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Mass Market Paperback
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1)   1 Jan 1980 - 1 Jan 1980
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United States
Rendezvous With RAMA
an exciting adventure in the world beyong 2001

"This is story-telling of the highest order... perpetual surprise... the sense of wonder, and... breathless suspense."  - New York Sunday Times

"Solid... written so that everyone can enjoy it...  As always, Arthur Clarke pulls some totally unexpected and mighty fat rabbits out of the hat... while staying meticulously with known facts and future possibilities."  - Robert A. Heinlein

Arthur C. Clarke has written more than 45 books - fiction and non-fiction - which have sold more than 4 million copies.  In 1962 he was awarded the Kalinga Prize for the popularization of science by an international jury appointed by UNESCO.  For almost 4 years he worked with Stanley Kubrik on the now classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.  He has been closely involved with the American space program and is one of the most popular lecturers at colleges and universities throughout the world.
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Notes and Comments:
First Ballantine Books Edition: September 1974
Seventh Printing: September 1976
First Special Printing: Janaury 1975

I read this in high school.  I remembered one of my friends that read this in junior high told me of the quote “Some women, Commander Norton had decided long ago, should not be allowed aboard ship; weightlessness did things to their breasts that were too damn distracting."  Had to read it...

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 Arthur C Clarke
Birth: 16 Dec 1917 Minehead, Somerset, England, UK
Death: 18 Mar 2008 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Arthur C. Clarke was born in Minehead, Somerset on December 16, 1917.  He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, and mathematics at King's College in London.  He has more than 50 million copies of his books in print.  He was named Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers Of America in 1986.  His bestsellers include Childhood's End; 2001; A Space Odyssey; 2010; Odyssey Two; 2061: Odyssey Three.

In 1968 he shared an Oscar Academy Award nomination with Stanley Kubric for the film of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  His invention of satellite communications with satellites in geostationary orbit in 1945 brought him numerous honors.


1973British Science Fiction AssociationBest Novel Winner
1974Center for the Study of Science FictionCampbell Award Winner
1974Locus MagazineBest SF Novel Winner
1974Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of AmericaNebula Award - Best Novel Winner
1974World Science Fiction SocietyHugo Award - Best Novel Winner
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