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Hellhole Inferno

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A trilogy of science fiction novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.

1) Hellhole
2) Hellhole Awakening
3) Hellhole Inferno
Copyright © 2014 by DreamStar, Inc., and WordFire, Inc.
Jan, this is yet another book that I dedicate lovingly to you.  In the years of our marriage you have blossomed in so many ways artistically, demonstrating a creative range that includes painting, sculpture, interior design, photography, and even great story ideas.
- Brian Herbert

To Louis and Louisa Moesta, who supported their quirky son-in-law's work unfailingly for more than twenty years, told their friends, and showed their pride in so many ways.
- Kevin J. Anderson
Three Constellation warships descended through the sky that was spider-webbed with vapor trails.
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Scott Brick  - Narration
Stephen Youll  - Cover Artist

After the events of Hellhole Awakening, the people of Hellhole and the shadow-Xayans scramble to rally against the threat from the still-living rogue Xayans. Back on Sonjeera, the Monarchy is in an uproar after their surprising defeat and the breakaway of the Deep Zone planets. The dowager Queen decides to go to Hellhole on a diplomatic mission, hoping to keep her power. But after touring Hellhole, Queen Michella is shaken, and begins to realize that she can never have the old Monarchy back. Before the Queen can return to Sonjeera, she’s captured by the rogue Xayans and learns the reason for their attack: The orthodox Xayans had developed their minds to the point where they could evolve and, in so doing, trigger another Big Bang, wiping out everything. The rogue Xayans thought they succeeded in stopping the ascension, but the orthodox Xayans on Hellhole are nearly ready. Now, 22 huge asteroids from the outer reaches of the solar system are bearing towards Hellhole, summoned by the rogue sect as a last resort. Can all these lives and the planet itself be saved? Hellhole Inferno is the thrilling conclusion to Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's Hellhole trilogy.
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 Kevin J Anderson
Birth: 27 Mar 1962 Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Kevin J. Anderson's novels have been on national bestseller lists twenty-seven times.  His Star Wars - Jedi Academy trilogy were the three top-selling science fiction novels of 1994. 

Anderson signed the largest science fiction contract in publishing history, to write a prequel trilogy to Frank Herbert's classic SF novel Dune.  Co-written with Frank Herbert's son Brian.  Anderson has also written numerous bestselling comics, including Star Wars and Predator titles for Dark Horse and X-Files for Topps.

He is married to Rebecca Moesta.

 Brian Herbert
Birth: 29 Jun 1947 Seattle, Washington, USA
Brian Herbert is the oldest son of noted science fiction author Frank Herbert who wrote the Dune series of books.  Brian has a younger brother Bruce and an older sister Penny.  Brian was an honor student and he graduated early from high school when he was 16.  He married young as well to his wife Jan.  He went to the University of California at Berkeley and received a BA in Sociology.  He has been married for over 30 years and they have three daughters, Julie, Kimberly and Margaux.

Brian did not begin writing until he was nearly 30 years old.  His first two books were Incredible Insurance Claims and Classic Comebacks.  He kept a journal which he used to write a biography of his father Frank Herbert entitled Dreamer of Dune.  Brian Herbert used the entire Dune series to write the Dune Concordence.  He used this as a reference book when writing the Prelude to Dune series with Kevin J Anderson.


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