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Betty Zane

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 Ohio River Trilogy*
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Ohio River Trilogy*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of historical fiction by Zane Grey.

1) Betty Zane
2) The Spirit of the Border
3) The Last Trail
To the Betty Zane chapter of
The Daughters of the Revolution
this book is respectfully
dedicated by the author
On June 16, 1716, Alexander Spotswood, Governor of the Colony of Virginia, and a gallant soldier who had served under Marlborough in the English wars, rode, at the head of a dauntless band of cavaliers, down the quiet street of quaint old Williamsburg.
May contain spoilers
He is almost forgotten; he is in the shadow; his songs are sung; no more will he sing to his dusky bride: his deeds are done; no more will he boast of his all-conquering arm or of his speed like the Northwind; no more will his heart bound at the whistle of the stag, for he sleeps in the shade of the oaks, under the moss and the ferns.
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Alfred Clarke lay between life and death. Miller's knife-thrust, although it had made a deep and dangerous wound, had not pierced any vital part; the amount of blood lost made Alfred's condition precarious. Indeed, he would not have lived through that first day but for a wonderful vitality. Col. Zane's wife, to whom had been consigned the delicate task of dressing the wound, shook her head when she first saw the direction of the cut. She found on a closer examination that the knife-blade had been deflected by a rib, and had just missed the lungs. The wound was bathed, sewed up, and bandaged, and the greatest precaution taken to prevent the sufferer from loosening the linen. Every day when Mrs. Zane returned from the bedside of the young man she would be met at the door by Betty, who, in that time of suspense, had lost her bloom, and whose pale face showed the effects of sleepless nights.

"Betty, would you mind going over to the Fort and relieving Mrs. Martin an hour or two?" said Mrs. Zane one day as she came home, looking worn and weary. "We are both tired to death, and Nell Metzar was unable to come. Clarke is unconscious, and will not know you, besides he is sleeping now."

Betty hurried over to Capt. Boggs' cabin, next the blockhouse, where Alfred lay, and with a palpitating heart and a trepidation wholly out of keeping with the brave front she managed to assume, she knocked gently on the door.

"Ah, Betty, 'tis you, bless your heart," said a matronly little woman who opened the door. "Come right in. He is sleeping now, poor fellow, and it's the first real sleep he has had. He has been raving crazy forty-eight hours."

"Mrs. Martin, what shall I do?" whispered Betty.


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Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback
In my libraryOrder from amazon.comHas a cover imageBook Edition Cover
Date Issued:
Cir 01-Nov-1993
Mass Market Paperback
Cover Price:
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United States
Joe Curcio - Cover Design
Darrell K Sweet  - Cover Artist
Zane Grey's First Novel
Battle and survival on the frontier
during the American Revolution

Inspired by the life and adventures of own great-great-grandmother, Betty Zane was Zane Grey's first novel and launched career as a master writer of rousing frontier and Western adventures.


is the story of the events culminating in the last battle of the American Revolution, when two hundred Redcoats from British-controlled Detroit along with four hundred Shawnee Indians attacked the small, wood-palisaded Ford Henry on the western frontier.  The heroine of the battle - a young, spunky, and beautiful frontier girl - was Betty Zane.
Book CoverBook Back CoverBook Spine
Notes and Comments:
All new material in this edition copyright © 1993 by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.
First Tor edition: November 1993
Fourth printing based on the number line
Canada: $5.99

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Recorded Books
Book on CD
I read this editionOrder from amazon.comHas a cover imageBook Edition Cover
Date Issued:
Book on CD
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United States
Ed Sala  - Narration

Zane Grey is America's most beloved author of western novels. Set during the American Revolution, the Fort Henry Saga is based on the lives of Grey's own ancestors. The war is winding down when the pioneers at Fort Henry must fight off a fierce Indian attack. Their only hope lies with Betty Zane, who must run a deadly gauntlet.
Book Cover
Notes and Comments:
I decided to give Zane Grey a try.  I'd heard he was a great writer but I'd never really been interested in his genre.  What they heck, I'm branching out.

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Zane Grey  
Birth: 31 Jan 1872 Zanesville, Ohio, US
Death: 23 Oct 1939 Altadena, California, US


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