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Boo*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of Christian Fiction books featuring Wolfe Boone.

1) Boo
2) Boo Who
3) Boo Hiss
Copyright © 2003 by Rene Gutteridge
For Mom and Dad
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Wolfe rose early Sunday morning, earlier than normal.  He wanted to beat the sun and watch it rise through the east window of his home.  There was something spiritual about watching the sun rise while he held a warm coffee in his favorite mug, and because he didn't yet have a good sense of how to talk to God, he figured starting the day out by watching the sun illuminate all of His creation would prepare him for his first day of church.

The early rays of light spread over the distant Indiana hills while Bunny and Goose, frisky in the cold morning air, trotted playfully in the nascent haze.  Wolfe sipped his coffee and thought about how in all his years of writing, he'd never been able to capture the glory of creation.  One could nitpick a descriptive paragraph to death and still not reflect what he could see with his own eyes.  The glow of the earth in the early morning seemed like the perfect introduction to God.


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WaterBrook Press
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Cir 01-Sep-2003
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United States

The biggest thing to happen to Skary, Indiana, is renowned horror novelist Wolfe Boone - or "Boo," as the locals fondly call him.  For the past sixteen years, the reclusive writer has been the town's greatest attraction, having unintentionally turned the once-struggling Skary into a thriving tourist-trap for the dark side: from the Haunted Mansion restaurant, famous for its "bloody fingers" (fries splattered with ketchup), to Spooky's Bookstore (where employees dress like the walking dead).

But when a newly reformed Wolfe suddenly quits the genre and subsequently starts to pursue Skary's favorite girl-next-door, Ainsley Parker, the little town made famous by his writings becomes truly horrified.  Soon a scheme is plotted to put the fright back into Skary - and get their most famous resident out of love and back into the thrill business.

Filled with humor, small town charm, and a gentle message of enduring faith, Boo shows how even the most colorful group of busybodies and hypocrites can become a community changed forever by God.

RENE GUTTERIDGE is the author of Ghost Writer and Troubled Waters.  She lives with her husband, Sean, and their two children in Oklahoma City.

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Notes and Comments:
I bought this book at Mardel because I know the author's in-laws.  I read this after I read Recovery (a Star Wars: New Jedi Order book).

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Rene Gutteridge  
From the Bethany House website:

Rene Gutteridge has been a writer and a Christian since she was a child. Even before she could write, she would draw pictures that would tell stories. When her parents bought Rene her first computer, she began writing novels and soon became interested in screenwriting. While in college at Oklahoma City University she earned her degree in Mass Communications and specialized in screenwriting. After graduating, she intended to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a writer in the film industry.

Immediately after college, though, God called Rene into the ministry, where she served as the Director of Drama for five years at First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. There she wrote, directed, cast, produced, and occasionally acted in two pre-sermon sketches a week. Over thirty of her scripts are published, and she has written over 450 of these as well as three full-length plays.

While in the ministry, she met her husband, Sean, who is a praise and worship leader. After marrying in 1996, they formed their own theater company, a traveling drama troupe called The Christian Theater Company that is still ministering today. When it was created, she served as an actor, director, and playwright, but today is serving only as playwright.. Her husband, a theater major, has taken over the directing side of the company and continues to be a lead actor. In May of 1999, their first child, John-Caleb, was born, and in January 2000 Rene left her full-time position with the church in order to stay at home with her son.

Her first novel, Ghost Writer, established her as a writer to watch and her latest effort, Troubled Waters will impress fans and new readers alike. In it, Macey Steigel, a successful TV news anchor, intends for her fast-paced life to slow only a little in the aftermath of her estranged father’s death. But on returning home, she finds her mother in desperate need of help and finds herself unable to turn her back. All the reasons for leaving home soon reappear, and she finds herself caught in a struggle she thought she’d buried. Will she find the strength to restore the shattered relationships of the past and renew a faith too-long ignored?

She currently lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, son, and daughter.


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