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Comic Book Title List
#TitleTypeVolumeCompanyIssues*In Coll**
501Secret Defenders, TheReg1Marvel Comics252
502Secret Wars IILS1Marvel Comics99
503Sensational She-Hulk, TheReg1Marvel Comics6032
504Sensational Spider-ManReg2Marvel Comics1615
505Sensational Spider-Man '96Ann1Marvel Comics11
506Sensational Spider-Man, TheReg1Marvel Comics3535
507Shadow StateReg1Broadway54
508Shadows and LightLS1Marvel Comics33
509Shattered ImageLS1Image/Wildstorm44
510Shi/Cyblade: The Battle for Independents1S1Crusade Comics11
511Shi: The Blood of SaintsLS1Crusade Comics22
512Silver Sable and the Wild PackReg1Marvel Comics351
513Silver SurferReg3Marvel Comics14713
514Silver Surfer / Thor '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
515Silver Surfer AnnualAnn3Marvel Comics71
516Sins Of Youth: Wonder Girls1S1DC Comics11
518Siren SpecialSpec1Malibu11
519Siren SpecialSpec1Malibu10
520Sirius Gallery1S1Sirius11
521Sovereign SevenReg1DC Comics3612
522Sovereign Seven AnnualAnn1DC Comics21
523SpawnReg1Image Comics14649
524Spawn Blood FeudLS1Image Comics44
525Spawn Fan EditionLS1Image Comics32
527Spectacular Scarlet SpiderLS1Marvel Comics22
528Spectacular Spider-ManReg2Marvel Comics2712
529Spectacular Spider-Man Annual, TheAnn1Marvel Comics1410
530Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special, TheSpec1Marvel Comics11
531Spectacular Spider-Man, TheReg1Marvel Comics264181
532Speed Demon1S1Amalgam11
534Spider-Boy Team-Up1S1Amalgam11
535Spider-GirlReg1Marvel Comics10126
536Spider-Girl 1999Ann1Marvel Comics11
537Spider-ManReg1Marvel Comics99105
538Spider-ManMini1Marvel Comics11
539Spider-Man & Arana Special: The Hunter Revealed1S1Marvel Comics11
540Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men DoLS1Marvel Comics60
541Spider-Man / Gen 131S1Marvel/Image11
542Spider-Man 2099Reg1Marvel Comics461
543Spider-Man 2099 AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics10
544Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man1S1Marvel Comics11
545Spider-Man '97Ann1Marvel Comics11
546Spider-Man '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
547Spider-Man and the New Mutants1S1Marvel Comics11
548Spider-Man and X-Factor: ShadowgamesLS1Marvel Comics33
549Spider-Man Holiday Special, 19951S1Marvel Comics11
550Spider-Man Maximum Clonage: Omega1S1Marvel Comics11
  • * Issues is just the total number of issues in this database and does not necessarily mean the total issues ever published for a title.
  • ** In Coll is the number of issues in my collection including variant covers but not including true duplicates.

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