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Comic Book Title List
#TitleTypeVolumeCompanyIssues*In Coll**
351Lobo the Duck1S1Amalgam11
352Logan: Path of the Warlord1S1Marvel Comics11
353Logan: Shadow Society1S1Marvel Comics11
354Longshot1S2Marvel Comics11
355LongshotLS1Marvel Comics66
356Machine ManReg1Marvel Comics191
357Machine ManLS2Marvel Comics44
358Machine Man / Bastion '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
359Macross IIReg1Viz102
360MagikLS1Marvel Comics42
361Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto1S1Amalgam11
362MagnetoLS2Marvel Comics44
363Magneto and the Magnetic Men1S1Marvel/DC11
364Magneto RexLS1Marvel Comics33
365Magneto: Dark SeductionLS1Marvel Comics42
366Man of Steel, TheLS1DC Comics613
370Marvel AgeReg1Marvel Comics2004
371Marvel and DC Present featuring The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans1S1Marvel/DC11
372Marvel Chillers: The Pryde and Terror of the X-Men1S2Marvel Comics11
373Marvel Comics PresentsReg1Marvel Comics175156
374Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four1S1Marvel Comics11
375Marvel FanfareReg1Marvel Comics6013
376Marvel FanfareReg2Marvel Comics66
377Marvel Graphic NovelGN1Marvel Comics386
378Marvel Graphic Novel: The PittGN1Marvel Comics11
379Marvel Holiday Special '961S1Marvel Comics11
380Marvel Knights 4Reg1Marvel Comics3022
381Marvel Knights Spider-ManReg1Marvel Comics2214
382Marvel PremiereReg1Marvel Comics614
383Marvel SpotlightReg3Marvel Comics55
384Marvel Super-Hero Contest of ChampionsLS1Marvel Comics33
385Marvel Super-HeroesReg1Marvel Comics941
386Marvel Super-Heroes Secret WarsLS1Marvel Comics1212
387Marvel TalesReg1Marvel Comics29131
388Marvel Team-UpReg1Marvel Comics1508
389Marvel Team-UpReg2Marvel Comics1112
390Marvel Team-Up AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics72
391Marvel Triple ActionReg1Marvel Comics471
392Marvel Two-In-OneReg1Marvel Comics1001
393Marvel Versus DC / DC Versus MarvelLS1Marvel/DC22
394Marvel VisionReg1Marvel Comics99
395Marvel X-Men Collection, TheLS1Marvel Comics33
396Marvel: Shadows and Light1S1Marvel Comics11
397MarvelsLS1Marvel Comics55
398Mask: World Tour, TheReg1Dark Horse31
399Maverick1S1Marvel Comics11
400MaverickReg2Marvel Comics121
  • * Issues is just the total number of issues in this database and does not necessarily mean the total issues ever published for a title.
  • ** In Coll is the number of issues in my collection including variant covers but not including true duplicates.

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