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Comic Book Title List
#TitleTypeVolumeCompanyIssues*In Coll**
451OMAC: One Man Army CorpsLS1DC Comics44
452One-Pound GospelLS1Viz22
453Onslaught: Epilogue1S1Marvel Comics11
454Onslaught: Marvel1S1Marvel Comics11
455Onslaught: X-Men1S1Marvel Comics11
456Over the EdgeReg1Marvel Comics103
457Peter Parker: Spider-ManReg2Marvel Comics5725
458Peter Parker: Spider-Man / Elektra '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
459Phoenix Resurrection, The1S1Malibu11
460Phoenix Resurrection, The: Aftermath1S1Malibu11
461Phoenix Resurrection, The: Genesis1S1Malibu11
462Phoenix Resurrection, The: Revelations1S1Malibu11
463Poison ElvesReg2Sirius796
464Poizon Ashcan1S1London Night11
465Power ManReg1Marvel Comics340
466Power Man and Iron FistReg1Marvel Comics763
467Power PackReg1Marvel Comics622
469Professor Xavier and the X-MenReg1Marvel Comics1818
470Prometheus (Villains)1S1DC Comics11
471Pryde and WisdomLS1Marvel Comics33
472Psylocke & Archangel: Crimson DawnLS1Marvel Comics43
473PunisherReg3Marvel Comics181
474Punisher War Journal, TheReg1Marvel Comics802
475QuestprobeLS1Marvel Comics33
476QuicksilverReg1Marvel Comics134
477Rampaging HulkReg1Marvel Comics66
479Ren & Stimpy Show Ashcan, TheReg1Marvel Comics11
480RevelationsMini1Dark Horse11
482RiptideLS1Image Comics22
483Rise of Apocalypse, TheLS1Marvel Comics44
484Roger Zelazny's Amber: Nine Princes In AmberGN1DC Comics33
485Roger Zelazny's Amber: The Guns Of AvalonGN1DC Comics32
486RogueLS1Marvel Comics44
487RogueLS2Marvel Comics44
488RogueReg3Marvel Comics121
489ROMReg1Marvel Comics753
490ROM AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics41
491RuinsLS1Marvel Comics22
493SabretoothLS1Marvel Comics44
494Sabretooth ClassicReg1Marvel Comics154
495Sabretooth Special1S1Marvel Comics11
496Savage Hulk, The1S1Marvel Comics11
497Savant Garde Fan EditionLS1Image Comics33
498Scarlet SpiderLS1Marvel Comics22
499Scarlet Spider Unlimited1S1Marvel Comics11
500Scorpio Rising1S1Marvel Comics11
  • * Issues is just the total number of issues in this database and does not necessarily mean the total issues ever published for a title.
  • ** In Coll is the number of issues in my collection including variant covers but not including true duplicates.

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