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OU Sooner Football Links

Section is Sooner Football
1GeneralAll-Time Database
NCAA Championships, Bowl Games, Coaches, Record Books
2 AP Poll Archive
I got most of the AP poll information pre-2003 from this site. Nice historical info site.
3 Ballparks by Munsey & Suppes
4 College Animated Flags
This is the site that I got all of the wavy flags from. Nice site, go visit.
5 College BCS
6 College Football Data Warehouse
7 Division I Football
8 Division I Football Statistics
9 Division II Football
10 Division III Football
11 Helmet Project
The Helmet Project is where all of the helmet images on this website are from. This is a really cool website.
12 Hickok Sports
13 info please
14 NCAA Football
15 NCAA Website
16 Oklahoma Fansite
17 OU Insider
18 Sooner Awards
19 Sooner
20 Sooner Stats
21 Vintage Football Cards