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This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there. Now I'm resimplifying starting with books (which includes the Doctor Who books through the point at which the show started back up in 2005).

OU Sooners Football Section

I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life and was raised a Sooner fan (even though my father was an Oklahoma State fan). I have always liked watching the Sooners on TV and listening to them on the radio. I grew more into a fan when I moved to Mississippi to go to college. I played football there for a division II school called Mississippi College. I was the only Okie there and had to defend the Sooners amongst all the SEC-are-the-best people in the South. Unfortunately that was at the end of the Switzer era and I had to hear about all of the "evil" things that went on on the OU campus. It was about that time that I started rooting for Oklahoma State also, although I would never pick them over OU during Bedlam! I found that when I was in "hostile territory", I had to pull for all of the teams from my home state.

My wife is an OSU fan but my oldest daughter likes OU - though neither are true football fans. My youngest daughter isn't all that interested in football at this time either... I'm hoping that my son will be so we can spend time watching the games together. Maybe one day we can catch a game in Norman...