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Oklahoma Sooner Football


This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there.  Now I'm revamping it.

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OU Sooners Football

I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life and was raised a Sooner fan (even though my father was an Oklahoma State fan). I have always liked watching the Sooners on TV and listening to them on the radio. I grew more into a fan when I moved to Mississippi to go to college. I played football there for a division II school called Mississippi College. I was the only Okie there and had to defend the Sooners amongst all the SEC-are-the-best people in the South. Unfortunately that was at the end of the Switzer era and I had to hear about all of the "evil" things that went on on the OU campus. It was about that time that I started rooting for Oklahoma State also, although I would never pick them over OU during Bedlam! I found that when I was in "hostile territory", I had to pull for all of the teams from my home state.

Conversion to BS-V4 Status
    Finished - fully converted but still undergoing periodic tweeking and updates.

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