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Section is Shows;
101K-SuitThese suits are K-11 Armored Suits.  They are basically tanks on legs and are very slow.  They provide the drivers protection against Boomers due to their armor.
102KushinadaA legendary clan from Japan whose blood can put the Arigami to sleep.  Momiji is a descendant of this clan.
103La'crymaA timespace fifteen years in the future where everyone has been transformed by an incident into quantum beings.
104LeonisOne of the Twelve Colonies
105LFOLight Finding Operation - LFO's are alien skeletons excavated from the Scub Coral.  Military LFO's are called Kraft Light Fighter (KLF).
106LibrisOne of the Twelve Colonies
107Life SympathyAn empathic ability which enables a person to link with a robot's core unit.  The level of sympathy varies with the person and controls the ability to make the robot maneuver.
108LiftingThe use of a ref board to ride the Trapar waves to glide in the air.
109Limit of QuestionsThe theory that too many life forms existing in a small place will cause reality to collapse.
110MMPAA Rating: Suggested for Mature Audiences.  Parental Discretion Advised.  Used from 1968 to 1970.
111MadouradinThe madouradin is a very powerful ground assualt weapon.  A single blast can level several city blocks at once.
112MangaManga is the term for comic books in Japanese.  These comics are generally more varied in subject matter than the "Super Hero" types found in the US.
113MartineThe home planet of Jinto Lin.  This is one of the last planets taken by the Human Empire Abh before war broke out.
114MauserThis is the prevelent religion and the church tha issued the prophecy against the Scrapped Princess.  The peacemakers work for the chuch of Mauser.
115MechaMecha is a Japanese word for large robot.
116Mobile PitThis is a truck that can house the hardsuits and provide battery power and a means to discreetly move them for long range missions.
117Mobile TranssemblerMobile transsemblers are used to transmit very large objects when a stationary transembler can not be used.
118MotoslaveThis is a motorcycle-like vehicle used by Priss.  It can transform and connect to her hardsuit for added hardware and weaponry.
119MPAAThe Motion Picture Association of America.
120MyceMyce is the Administration capital.  It is also the home planet of Iria and Gren.  The Tedan Tippedai Corporation maintains its headquarters on Myce.
121Mystic MoonThe name that the inhabitants of Gaea have given to the Earth which can be seen along with the Moon in the skies.
122NC-17MPAA Rating: No One 17 and Under Admitted.  Started in 1990 and replaced the X rating for movies that are not-necessarily pornographic.
123OAVOriginal Video Animation.  See OVA.
124OhayouJapanese term for "good morning".
125OmiyageA souvenir or present that someone would get upon returning from a trip.
126OnsenAn onsen is a Japanese sento (public bath) fed by natural hot spring water.
127OtakuOtaku is someone who is fanatical about anime or manga and are obsessed with it.  Some people find this term to be offensive.
128OVAOriginal Video Animation.  These are animated videos / laser disks / DVD's that are released straight to the public without ever being broadcast or shown in theatres.  This is sometimes also abbreviated OAV.
129PeacemakerAn agent of Mauser.  These being are AI units that have the ability to control humans and are set to over see them.  They have a human form as well as divine retribution forms, one of which cannot be used within the atmosphere.
130PGMPAA Rating: Paretnal Guidance Suggested (Some Matarial May Not Be Suitable for Children).  Replaced the GP rating.
131PG-13MPAA Rating: Parents Strongly Cautioned (Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13).  Started in 1984 and was used for movies stronger that PG but not as strong as an R rating.
132PiconOne of the Twelve Colonies
133Plane SpaceThe two-dimensional space reached through a sord which allow faster than light travel.  Also known as Fath.
134PROCEEDGenetically altered girls as a result of the Blast Fall that have superior strength and skills.
135RMPAA Rating: Restricted (Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian).
136RaajaThey vary in size and appear to attack the planet and living things.  I appears that they may actually be cleansing the planet.
137Red ShieldAn organization that was formed in order to combat the Chiropterans.
138Ref BoardReflecting Board - a board used to ride the Trapar Waves in order to glide in the air.
139ResembleThis is the generic term used for human body replacement parts.
140RomdoA domed city built to protect the inhabitants from the harsh environment outside.
141RoninMasterless samurai  that usually became mercenaries in order to survive.  This refers back to the feudal days of Japan.
142RUCReestablishment Universe Committee - The  company that manages day to day activities within the city like a government.
143SagittaronOne of the Twelve Colonies
144saihoAnother term for taiho.  This is the rank of a kirin, the second-in-command to the king.
145SchiffA cross between Chevaliers and Chiropterans and made by humans using the blood of Diva.  They develop an affliction they call the Thorn which cuases their bodies to crystalize.
146ScorpiaOne of the Twelve Colonies
147Section 9Public Security Section 9 is the intelligence department under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
148SEEDAn organization that monitors the environment and fights Raaja when necessary.
149SeinenManga or anime tailored specifically for boys - mostly college aged and thus more mature than shonen.
150SeiyuuSeiyuu are Voice Actors.  In Japan, anime voice actors are usually very well paid as compared to the average US voice actor.

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