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151Self-Defense ForceJapan's new constitution drafted after World War II was aimed to prevent militaristic nationalism that could allow Japan entering another war.  Japan could not have a standing army but in 1954, the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) were formed to protect the Japanese nation against invaders.
152SempaiThis is a term used in to refer to a person with more seniority, usually in school or at work.
153senninA person can become a sennin and in doing so will not age or die from disease.  Rulers become sennin and most advisors are sennin also.  Anyone can become one at the request of a ruler.  Sennin also have the ability to understand all languages of the Twelve Kingdoms and Hourai.  Sennin can only die by a touki weapon, being cut in half or beheading.
154senseiSensei is  the Japanese equivalent for the word "teacher" or instructor.  This can pertain to anyone that instructs or teaches and not just in schools.
155SentouA sento is a Japanese bath house.  They are usually a large room with a tall barrier separating the areas for the sexes.
156Shangri'laA dimension that appears to want the destruction of time and space.
157ShieldsShields are used quite frequently for a multitude of reasons.  They can be used to protection in space, to place a being or object into a "frozen" state, for protection of small arms fire, etc.
158ShinjinThis is the monster that appears withing Closed Space and appears to be the manifestation of Haruhi's subconscious.  The more Closed Space is destroyed by a Shinjin, the larger it gets.
159ShoujoManga or anime tailored specifically for young girls.
160ShounenManga or anime tailored specifically for young boys.
161shouzanA pilgramige made by citizens of a kingdom when their ruler has died and a new one has not been selected for awhile.
162shuseiPeople that do not belong to a country and travel around the world.
163Silky DollThis is a lingerie store owned by Sylia Stingray which also doubles as the headquarters for the Knight Sabers.
164SobaBuckwheat noodles.
165SoftsuitsThe Knight Sabers use suits called softsuits to interface with the first generation hardsuits.  These suits are skin tight and allow the user to control the hardsuit through them.  Each hardsuit has to be calibrated to the specific users softsuit.
166STNJThis is the Salomon witch management organization's Japanese branch.  This branch does not kill witches as most others do.  They capture them and keep them in the Factory.
167SufugnoffThis is the system taken by the United Mankind after they attacked the Gosroth.  They blamed the Abh for the attack in order to justify taking this system.
168SukiThe Japanese don't usually express love openly.  When they put their feelings into words, it is preferred to use the phrase "suki desu" - literally "to like."  "Suki da," "suki dayo" (male speech) or "suki yo" (female speech) are colloquial expressions.
169Summer of LoveAn event that happened ten years previously when the Amita Drive was first used in the Nirvash.  Huge amounts of Trapar waves caused chaos around the world.  Adroc Thurston died while stopping its effects.
170Super DeformedSuper-deformed characters exaggerate faces and bodies with the idea of appearing cute or funny.  Super-deformed characters are usually drawn to show changes in a character's mood.
171TACTerrestrial Administration Center, an agency dedicated to fighting the Arigami.
172TachikomaA small tank-like vehicle that can walk or roll on it's four legs.  They are used by Section 9 and have artificial intelligence.
173taihoThe formal title of a kirin.  This is the reverent title people use for saiho.
174TaowajanThis planet was originally a holiday planet but has fallen on hard time and is now in poverty.  The native population live in the Shadow Zone and the administrators are trying to get rid of this blight (including letting Zeiram loose).  This is Kei and Kommimasa's home planet.
175TauronOne of the Twelve Colonies
176Tedan Tippedai CorporationThe Tedan Tippedai Corporation is a company based on the planet Myce.  It developed the plan for using Zeiram as a weapon.
177The Showhamm ProjectGenom Corporation's plan to make Genom it the most powerful corporation in history by providing unlimited "clean" power.  The Showhamm Project consists of three major components: the Genom Tower; the Umbrella; and the Dragon Line.
178toukiA type of metal.  Weapons made of this metal have the ability to kill sennin and youma.
179Transit StatelliteThe transit satellite, 'trans-sat' for short, is a satellite that can transmit objects to and from space.
180TranssemblerThe transsembler allows almost instant transportation similar to the transporter in Star Trek.  The transembler needs a reception point to reassemble the transmission.
181Trapar WaveThe atmosphere of the planet is permeated by an energy known as Transparence Light Particles.  These waves are used to provide power to airships.  It can also be used with ref boards for lifting - sort of like surfing in the air.
182True AncestorA vampire.
183TV-14TV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for children under 14.
184TV-GTV Parental Guidelines - General audiences.
185TV-MATV Parental Guidelines - Recommended for mature adults.
186TV-PGTV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for younger children.
187TV-YTV Parental Guidelines - Suitable for all ages.
188TV-Y7TV Parental Guidelines - Unsuitable for children under seven.
189VirgonOne of the Twelve Colonies
190VodaracA religion followed by many on the planet.  Their views and beliefs often put them at odds with the government and are thereby considered terrorists by them.
191WWWAWWWA = Worlds Welfare Works Association
192XMPAA Rating:  Persons Under 17 Not Admitted.
193XXXMovie rating that has never been officially sanctioned by the MPAA.  Used by adult movie makers to imply a more hardcore movie than the simple X rating.
194YoukosoJapanese term for "welcome".
195youmaA general name for the evil beasts that roam free when a country is without a king or the king is demented.  These can be sometimes tamed and controlled.
196ZaibachA large empire ruled by Dornkirk.  Under his leadership they've advanced in technology and are attempting to rule the world.

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