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History - 1994

In January of this year Jolynne had a baby girl.   The pregnancy was normal and the delivery was fairly normal.  Jolynne had an epidural and slept through some of the latter part of the delivery.  The nurses and I had to wake her periodically to tell her to push.  Our daughter was delivered with suction and forceps.  She was a healthy baby girl.  She did have colic for about six weeks but this was cured when we started her on Nutramagen baby formula.

This year April came and went with no signs of the problem and I was beginning to think that we may be over the crisis.  However, in August the signs started appearing again.  Very quickly this time she went into the Psychosis Stage.  She thought that my USS Enterprise navy baseball cap meant that I was being drafted and that Jesus was walking in a picture in our living room.   Dr Smith put her on five milligrams of Haldol and started her on 900 milligrams of Lithium per day.

Still believing that this was psychological, I assumed that the joy of being pregnant and then the stress from taking care of a new baby had pushed off the annual symptoms to August.  I say annual since in 1992 and 1993 the symptoms had started to appear around April.  April was also the month that her grandmother had died in 1991.

Jolynne's mother again came to stay with us.   She helped take care of our daughter since I had to continue to work.  I was able to take off a couple of weeks but that was all.  As in 1992, Dr Smith slowly decreased the Haldol and Jolynne returned to "normal."