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History - 1993

About the same time as last year the same symptoms occurred as before although this time, instead of de ja vu she said that she was on a magic carpet ride or on a roller coaster ride. We went back to Dr Smith (who we had continued to see in a decreasing amount) and again went on the Haldol.  We did not go back to the hospital and we were able to work things out at home.  None of the symptoms got too bad and they stopped at the Belligerent Stage.

Her parents came and took Jolynne back to Mississippi for a short vacation.  While she was there she went to a local doctor and discovered that she was pregnant.  She was taking Haldol (either 1 or 1/2 mg) at the time and Dr Smith said to stop immediately.  I attributed the mildness of the symptoms to the fact that Jolynne's hormones and body were changing due to the pregnancy.   This also made me think that the initial diagnosis from last year may have been wrong and that Jolynne had a hormone imbalance instead.

It was in June or July that I began to have some problems of my own.  I attribute this to the fact that things had begun to look fairly bleak and I had to deal with them or else.  After hearing that Jolynne was pregnant and seeing that her symptoms were lessening I think that I just let go a little.   I cried a lot and could not go to work for about two weeks.  I understand that this has little to do with Jolynne's history yet I want to include it because I think that this may also have had a part in the lessening of Jolynne's symptoms as well.   Jolynne has always been very compassionate and she was very concerned for me during this time.  It seemed as though getting her mind off of the fixations through the pregnancy and my "breakdown" was enough to return her to "normal."

We went to Six Flags Over Texas and had a great time and things seemed to be working out well.  Jolynne had a good pregnancy with no morning sickness or other problems many women experience.  She did have some carpal tunnel symptoms which persisted but were somewhat alleviated by taking vitamin B6.