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Pre-Diagnosis Stages

During the "psychoses" I labeled different stages based on my observations.

Stage 1) The Belligerent Stage: In this stage, very little could be said to her that she didn't take as an assault upon her capabilities.  She projected many of her problems on others and was very defensive.

Stage 2) The Confused Stage: In this stage, she had a hard time remembering from one conversation to the next.  Although this was not uncommon to her in the interim, it was more apparent in this stage.  In this stage she started to make illogical connections and assumed many things that were not said.   She also began to pry into other people's affairs and talk in length about what they were doing wrong (in her opinion).  Note: I understand that many of these things can be called "normal", but her behavior in this stage was excessive.

Stage 3) The Psychosis: In this stage, she quit dealing with reality and had a highly distorted view of what was happening. She cried quite a lot and dwelled on one or two subjects constantly (being pregnant, death, buying a house, etc.).

Stage 4) The Wind Down: In this stage, she was more cognizant of what had happened and was often embarrassed by the fact that she couldn't control it.  She understood that some of the things in her "psychosis" were wrong and was sorry for putting her parents, my family and me through it.  She cried a lot in this stage also.

Stage 5) Interim: In this stage, things were pretty much "normal". When confronted with events in stage 3, she denied that they were out of the ordinary.  She sometimes denied that she even had a "problem".  When she did admit the problem it was almost as if she were doing it just to appease me or to get off the subject.  I believe that she really understood that there was a problem but that she was too embarrassed to face it.