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Three More Jack Reacher Novellas

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Too Much Time
Small Wars
Not a Drill:
"James Penney's New Identity"
"Everyone Talks"
"Maybe They Have a Tradition"
"Guy Walks into a Bar"
"No Room at the Motel"
"The Picture of the Lonely Diner"
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 Jack Reacher*
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Jack Reacher*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of action / adventure novels by Lee Child and later also by Andrew Child featuring the main character Jack Reacher.

1) Killing Floor
2) Die Trying
3) Tripwire
4) Running Blind
5) Echo Burning
6) Without Fail
7) Persuader
8) The Enemy
9) One Shot
10) The Hard Way
11) Bad Luck and Trouble
12) Nothing to Lose
13) Gone Tomorrow
14) 61 Hours
15) Worth Dying For
16) The Affair
17) A Wanted Man
18) Never Go Back
19) Personal
20) Make Me
21) Night School
22) The Midnight Line
22.6) Three More Jack Reacher Novellas
23) Past Tense
24) Blue Moon
25) The Sentinel
26) Better Off Dead
27) No Plan B
28) The Secret
29) In Too Deep
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This appears to be an audiobook only.

Contains the following stories:

Too Much Time
Small Wars
Not a Drill:
"James Penney's New Identity"
"Everyone Talks"
"Maybe They Have a Tradition"
"Guy Walks into a Bar"
"No Room at the Motel"
"The Picture of the Lonely Diner"
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Added: 24-Mar-2023
Last Updated: 04-Apr-2023


Random House
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Dick Hill  - Narration
TOO MUCH TIME An original novella featuring Jack Reacher after his time in the army, in a story that leads into Lee Child's fall 2017 new Reacher hardcover novel, The Midnight Line.  In "Too Much Time," Reacher finds himself in a tiollowed-out town in Maine, where he witnesses a random bag-snatching but sees much more than a simple crime.

SMALL WARS  The telex is brief and to the point: One active-duty personnel found shot to death ten miles north of Fort Smith.  Circumstances unknown.  The victim was shot twice in the chest and once in the head.  A professional hit.  The crime scene suggests an ambush.  Military police officer Jack Reacher is given the case.  He calls his older brother, Colonel Joe Reacher, at the Pentagon for intel and taps Sergeant Frances Neagley to help him answer the big question: Who would kill a brilliant officer on the fast-track to greatness?

NOT A DRILL  Jack Reacher is on the road, hitching a ride with some young Canadians who are planning a hike through the dense forests of Maine.  They part ways after sharing a hot meal, and Reacher checks out a quiet town surrounded by countryside serene enough to cool even his raging wanderlust.  But not for long.  First the trail is suddenly closed.  Then the military police show up in force.  Maybe it's a drill.  Or maybe it's trouble - the kind of trouble that always finds Reacher, no matter how far he travels off the beaten path.

And for the first time on audio, additional stories featuring Jack Reacher, including: James Penney's New Identity, Everyone Talks, Maybe They Have a Tradition, Guy Walks into a Bar, No Room at the Motel, and The Picture of the Lonely Diner.

LEE CHILD is the author of eighteen New York Times bestselling Jack Reacher thrillers, with nine having reached the #1 position.  All have been optioned for major motion pictures; the first, Jack Reacher, was based on One Shot.  Foreign rights in the Reacher series have sold in almost a hundred territories.  A native of England and a former television director, Child lives in New York City.  Visit the author online at

DICK HILL has been named both a Golden Voice and a Voice of the Century by AudioFile magazine, and has earned numerous Earphones awards for his work.  He is also a three-time winner of the Audie Award.  To learn more about Dick, visit
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Canada $19.99
7 CDs



Lee Child  
Birth: 29 Oct 1954 Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK

Lee Child was born October 29th, 1954 in Coventry, England, but spent his formative years in the nearby city of Birmingham. By coincidence he won a scholarship to the same high school that JRR Tolkien had attended. He went to law school in Sheffield, England, and after part-time work in the theater he joined Granada Television in Manchester for what turned out to be an eighteen-year career as a presentation director during British TV's "golden age." During his tenure his company made Brideshead Revisited, The Jewel in the Crown, Prime Suspect, and Cracker. But he was fired in 1995 at the age of 40 as a result of corporate restructuring. Always a voracious reader, he decided to see an opportunity where others might have seen a crisis and bought six dollars' worth of paper and pencils and sat down to write a book, Killing Floor, the first in the Jack Reacher series.


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