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Over on the Dry Side

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 Chantry Series*
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Chantry Series*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of western written by Louis L'Amour.

1) Fair Blows the Wind
2) The Ferguson Rifle
3) Over on the Dry Side
4) Borden Chantry
5) North to the Rails
Copyright © 1975 by Louis & Katherine L'Amour Trust
Don Dermarest,
of the
High Country -
All that spring I was scared.
May contain spoilers
"The trouble with people is," he said, aloud to himself, "they make too damn much noise!"
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All the day long I waited for Chantry to get back.  Pa seen I was restless, and a couple of times he stopped to say something but he didn't.  It was away after dark before we heard his horse come clip-clopping into the yard.  He hallooed the house, then he rode on to the barn to put up his black.

Pa had left some bacon an side meat on the table, but he only ate a mite.  "I had a little something in the hills," he said.

Now I knew he taken nofhin' with him, so's he must have been fed.  Was it her he got his food from?

"Did you find the place?" Pa asked.

"I spent most of the afternoon up there," said Chantry quietly.  "And I can see why Doby was impressed.  My brother had a love for this county."

"Wonder how come he got clear up there?" Pa said.  "It ain't a likely place."

"Prob'ly hunting meat," I said.

"Or searching..." Chantry said.

Well, then I looked at him, and so did pa.  "You mean he might have knowed somethin' was up there?" I asked him.

"My brother was a man who knew much about a lot of things.  He had a gift for languages.  Let him hear one... or so I was told... and inside a few days he'd be speaking it.  I think when he came north he rode to a place he'd been told to find.  I don't think it was accidental."

"But why?" I insisted.

He shrugged.  "Sometimes a man just wants to know what happened and how."  He paused.  "You know, Doby, this is Ute country, with Navajos west and south of here.  But even they never saw this country until about the year one thousand, when they came down from the north.

"They were migrants then, as we are now.  They came, they conquered whoever was here, and they settled down.  Just a few miles east of here the Utes will tell you there are ghost houses along the sides of the mesas.  No white man has seen them, but I believe the Indians.

"Who built those houses?  Where did they come from?  How long have they been there?  Who was here first?  Did the builders invent the structures they built?  Or were they drawing on memories of other houses somewhere else?"


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Bantam Books
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Cir 01-Jan-1995
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Gordon Crabb  - Cover Artist
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When Owen Chantry returned to his brother's ranch for a visit, he found his brother had been savagely murdered and two dirt farmers - Ether and son - were now building a life on his land.  Chantry didn't mind the squatters much, but Mac Mowatt's gang was another matter.  Mowatt believed a fortune was buried somewhere on the Chantry place.  One man had died for it already, and Mowatt told Chantry and the squatters they'd he next.  That forced Chantry to make the only decision a brother could: to make the cold-blooded killers pay... or die trying.


Our foremost storyteller of the authentic West, L'Amour has thrilled a nation by bringing to vivid life the brave men and women who settled the American frontier.  There are now more than 225 million copies of his books in print around the world.
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Notes and Comments:
Saturday Review Press edition published October 1975
Bantam edition / May 1976
Bantam reissue / January 1995
Thirty-seventh printing based on the number line
Canada: $4.99



Louis L'Amour  
Birth: 22 Mar 1908 Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
Death: 10 Jun 1988 Los Angeles, California, USA


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