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Renegades of Pern

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1 - Eastern Telgar Hold, Present (Ninth) Pass, First Turn, Third Month, Fourth Day
2 - North Telgar Hold to Igen Hold, PP 02.04.12
3 - Southern Continent, PP 11.04.06
4 - Lemos and Telgar Holds, Southern Continent, PP 12
5 - Igen and Lemos Holds, PP 12
6 - Southern Continent, Telgar Hold, PP 12
7 - Lemos Hold, Southern Continent, Telgar Hold, PP 12
8 - Telgar Hold to Keroon Beastmasterhold, Southern Continent, Benden Hold, PP 12
9 - Benden Hold, Benden Weyr, PP 13
10 - Southern Continent, PP 15.05.22-15-08-03
11 - Southern Continent, PP 15.08.28-15-10-15
12 - Southern Continent, PP 15.10.19
13 - Southern Continent, Nerat Hold, PP 15.10.23
14 - Southern Continent, PP 15-17
15 - Southern Continent, PP 17
16 - Southern Continent, PP 17
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Copyright © 1989 by Anne McCaffrey
Maréchal de logis

'O, Johnny, why did they do ye?'
In the Northwestern province of High Reaches, an ambitious man has just begun a campaign to territorial acquisition that will make him the single most powerful Lord Holder on all of Pern.
May contain spoilers
"When Mankind first discovered the third planet of the sun Rukbat in the Sagittarian Sector of space..."
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Brilliance Audio
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13 hrs 27 min
1)   20 Jun 2020 - 25 Jun 2020
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United States
Dick Hill  - Narration

As long as the people of Pern could remember, the Holds had protected them from Thread, the deadly silver strands that fell from the sky and ravaged the land. In exchange for sanctuary in the huge stone fortresses, the people tithed to their lord Holders, who in turn supported the Weyrs, whose dragons were Pern's greatest weapon against Thread.

But not everyone on Pern was part of that system of mutual care and protection, particularly those who had been rendered holdless as punishment for wrongdoing. And there were some, like Jayge's trader clan, who simply preferred the freedom of the roads to the security of a hold. Others, like Aramina's family, had lost their holds through injustice and cruelty. For all the holdless, life was a constant struggle for survival.

Then, from the ranks of the criminals and the disaffected, rose a band of renegades, led by the Lady Thella. No one was safe from Thella's depredations, and now her quarry was Aramina, reputed to have a telepathic link with dragons. But when Thella mistakenly vented her rage on Jayge's family, she made a dangerous enemy. For Jayge was bent on revenge - and he would never let her have the girl who heard dragons!
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Anne McCaffrey  
Birth: 01 Apr 1926 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Death: 21 Nov 2011 County Wicklow, Ireland


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