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Deryni Rising

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Never (or unknown...)
See 16
I - Lest the hunter become the hunted.
II - Princes met and talked against me.  Pslams 119:23
III - Hell hath no fury like the woman scorned, Or the woman mourning
IV - And I will give him the morning star.  Revelation 2:28
V - O God, with your judgement endow the King, and with your justice the King's son.  Psalms 72:!
VI - And a voice shall speak from legend.
VII - A Spokeman of the Infinite must guide.
VIII - Things are not what they seem.
IX - In the unknown lies terror, and in the night, deceit.
X - From whence comes the wonder, from whence the miracle?
XI - Even as Father, so the Son.
XII - For surely laughter makes a nervous soul.
XIII - New morn, ring hand.  Defenders sign shall seal.
XIV - Who, then, is the Defender?
XV - Now battle joins; the minds of mortal man cannot conceive.
XVI - You placed on his head, O Lord a crown of precious stones.  He asked life of You, and you gave it to him.  Psalms 21:3-4
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Copyright © 1970 by Katherine Kurtz
who knew all along that
it would begin this way.
Brion Haldane, King of Gwynedd, Prince of Meara, and Lord of the Purple March, reined in his horse sharply at the top of the hill and scanned the horizon.
May contain spoilers
And the King of Gwynedd went out of that place to show himself to a grateful people.
Comments may contain spoilers
I started to read this book in sixth grade and never could get into it.  I'm going to give the original trilogy another go sometime soon now that I'm a little older...
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Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback
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Date Issued:
Cir 01-Nov-1980
Mass Market Paperback
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United States
Darrell K Sweet  - Cover Artist

A sweeping tale of romance and sorcery in the imaginary kingdom of Gwynedd - where the mysterious forces of magic and the superior power of the Church combine to challenge the rule of young Kelson, who came to the throne when his father was brutally murdered by the sorceress Charissa.

The fate of the Seryni - a quasi-mortal race of sorcerers - and, indeed, the fate of the Eleven Kingdoms rests on Kelson's ability to quash the rebellion by fair means of foul... even by the proscribed use of magic!
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Notes and Comments:
First edition: August 1970
Eighth Printing: November 1980

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 Katherine Kurtz
Birth: 18 Oct 1944 Coral Gables, Florida, USA
From About the Author in Bishop's Heir:

Katherine Kurtz was awarded a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Miami and attended medical school for a year before deciding she would rather write about medicine than practice it.  She earned an M.A. in medieval English history from UCLA while writing her first two novels, and worked as an instructional designer for the Los Angeles Police Academy for the next ten years.  She is also a professionally trained hypnotist, an avid horsewoman, and an avowed cat person.  She has a husband who wears kilts, a ten-year-old son named Cameron, a vintage Bentley motorcar once owned by HRH the Duke of Kent, and hopes soon to live in a castle in Ireland.  Besides the Deryni Trilogy, the Camber Trilogy, and several short stories set in the Deryni universe, she has recently published a World War II thriller, Lammas Night, dealing with magic worked to keep Hitler from invading England in the summer of 1940.  She is currently at work on the second and third books of the Histories of King Kelson, with at least two more trilogies planned.


1971Mythopoeic SocietyMythopoeic Award Nominee
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