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Part One - Monday
1 - Secret Paper-work
2 - The Columbite King
3 - 'Belly Strippers', Etc
4 - The 'Shiner'
5 - Dinner at Blades
6 - Cards With a Stranger
7 - The Quickness of the Hand
Part Two - Tuesday, Wednesday
8 - The Red Telephone
9 - Take It From Here
10 - Special Branch Agent
11 - Policewoman Brand
12 - The Moonraker
13 - Dead Reckoning
14 - Itching Fingers
15 - Rough Justice
16 - A Golden Day
17 - Wild Surmises
Part Three - Thursday, Friday
18 - Beneath the Flat Stone
19 - Missing Person
20 - Drax's Gambit
21 - 'The Persuader'
22 - Pandora's Box
23 - Zero Minus
24 - Zero
25 - Zero Plus
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 James Bond*
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James Bond*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series a spy thrillers written by Ian Fleming in the mid-20th Century that went on to become a somewhat successful movie franchise.

1) Casino Royale
2) Live and Let Die
3) Moonraker
4) Diamonds Are Forever
5) From Russia, with Love
6) Doctor No
7) Goldfinger
8) For Your Eyes Only
9) Thunderball
10) The Spy Who Loved Me
11) On Her Majesty's Secret Service
12) You Only Live Twice
13) The Man with the Golden Gun
14) Octopussy and The Living Daylights
The two thirty-eights roared simultaneously.
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He touched her for the last time and then they turned away from each other and walked off into their different lives.
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When the paroxysm was over he felt Gala's hand in his hair. He looked round and saw her wince at the sight of him. She tugged at his hair and pointed up the cliffs. As she did so a shower of small pieces of chalk rattled down beside them.

Weakly he got to his knees and then to his feet and together they scrambled and slid down off the mountain of chalk and away from the crater against the cliff from which they had escaped.

The harsh sand under their feet was like velvet. They both collapsed full length and lay clutching at it with their horrible white hands as if its rough gold would wash the filthy whiteness away. Then Gala too was mercifully sick and Bond crawled a few paces away to leave her alone. He hauled himself to his feet against a single lump of chalk as big as a small motor-car, and at last his bloodshot eyes took in the hell that had almost engulfed them.

Down to the beginning of the rocks, now lapped by the incoming tide, sprawled the debris of the cliff face, an avalanche of chalk blocks and shapes. The white dust of its collapse covered nearly an acre. Above it a jagged rent had appeared in the cliff and a wedge of blue sky had been bitten out of the distant top where before the line of the horizon had been almost straight. There were no longer any seabirds near them and Bond guessed that the smell of disaster would keep them away from the place for days.

The nearness of their bodies to the cliff was what had saved them, that and the slight protection of the overhang below which the sea had bitten into the base of the cliff. They had been buried by the deluge of smaller stuff. The heavier chunks, any one of which would have crushed them, had fallen outwards, the nearest missing them by a few feet. And their nearness to the cliff was the reason for Bond's right arm having been comparatively free so that they had been able to burrow out of the mound before they were stifled. Bond realized that if some reflex had not hurled him on top of Gala at the moment of the avalanche they would now both be dead.


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Another adventure from James Bond: 007. Britain’s new ICBM-based national defense system, is ready for testing, but something’s not quite right. At M’s request, Bond begins his investigation with Sir Hugo Drax, the leading card shark at M’s club, who is also the head of the Moonraker project. But once Bond delves deeper into the goings-on at the Moonraker base, he discovers that both the project and its leader are something other than they appear to be.
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Ian Fleming  
Birth: 28 May 1908 Mayfair, London, England, UK
Death: 12 Aug 1964 Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

From the e-Book of Octopussy and the Living Daylights:

IAN FLEMING was born in London on May 28, 1908. He was educated at Eton College and later spent a formative period studying languages in Europe. His first job was with Reuters News Agency where a Moscow posting gave him firsthand experience with what would become his literary bête noire—the Soviet Union. During World War II he served as Assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence and played a key role in Allied espionage operations.

After the war he worked as foreign manager of the Sunday Times, a job that allowed him to spend two months each year in Jamaica. Here, in 1952, at his home “Goldeneye,” he wrote a book called Casino Royale—and James Bond was born. The first print run sold out within a month. For the next twelve years Fleming produced a novel a year featuring Special Agent 007, the most famous spy of the century. His travels, interests, and wartime experience lent authority to everything he wrote. Raymond Chandler described him as “the most forceful and driving writer of thrillers in England.” Sales soared when President Kennedy named the fifth title, From Russia With Love, one of his favorite books. The Bond novels have sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide, boosted by the hugely successful film franchise that began in 1962 with the release of Dr No.

He married Anne Rothermere in 1952. His story about a magical car, written in 1961 for their only son, Caspar, went on to become the well-loved novel and film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Fleming died of heart failure on August 12, 1964, at the age of fifty-six.


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