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Patriot Games

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Adventure stories
Irish Republican Army - Fiction
Ryan, Jack (Fictitious character) - Fiction
Spy stories
Terrorism - Fiction
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1 - A Sunny Day in Londontown
2 - Cops and Royals
3 - Flowers and Families
4 - Players
5 - Perqs and Plots
6 - Trials and Troubles
7 - Speedbird Home
8 - Information
9 - A Day for Celebration
10 - Plans and Threats
11 - Warnings
12 - Homecoming
13 - Visitors
14 - Second Chances
15 - Shock and Trauma
16 - Objectives and Patriots
17 - Recriminations and Decisions
18 - Lights
19 - Tests and Passing Grades
20 - Data
21 - Plans
22 - Procedures
23 - Moment
24 - Connections Missed and Made
25 - Rendezvous
26 - The Sound of Freedom
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 Jack Ryan World*
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Jack Ryan World*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of novels written by Tom Clancy featuring the character Jack Ryan or taking place in the same fictional world.  I've only included books written by Tom Clancy in this list.

1) The Hunt for Red October
2) Patriot Games
3) Cardinal of the Kremlin
4) Clear and Present Danger
5) The Sum of All Fears
6) Without Remorse
7) Debt of Honor
8) Executive Orders
9) Rainbow Six
10) The Bear and the Dragon
11) Red Rabbit
12) The Teeth of the Tiger
13) Dead or Alive
14) Locked On
15) Threat Vector
16) Command Authority
17) Support and Defend
Copyright © 1987 by Jack Ryan Enterprises Ltd.
Ryan was nearly killed twice in half an hour.
May contain spoilers
Ryan walked out to the waitinjg room to annouce the birth of his son, a handsome young man who would have two complete, but very different, sets of godparents.
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Wilson had been mistaken in his assessment.  The escape had taken longer than anyone at the Yard had thought.  Six hundred miles away, a Sabena flight was landing outside of Cork.  The passenger in seat 23-D of the Boeing 737 was entirely unremarkable; his sandy hair was cut medium-close, and he was dressed like a middle-level executive in a neat but rumpled suit that gave the entirely accurate impression of a man who'd spent a long day on the job and gotten too little sleep before catching a flight home.  An experienced traveler to be sure, with one carry-on flight bag.  If asked, he could have given a convincing discourse on the wholesale fish business in the accent of Southwestern Ireland.  He could change accents as easily as most men changed shirts; a useful skill, since TV news crews had made the patois of his native Belfast recognizable the world over.  He read the London Times on the flight, and the topic of discussion in his seat row, as with the rest of the aircraft, was the story which covered the front page.

"A terrible thing, it is," he'd agreed with the man in 23-E, a Belgian dealer in machine tools who could not have known how an event might be terrible in more than one way.

All the months of planning, the painstakingly gathered intelligence, the rehearsals carried out right under the Brit noses, the three escape routes, the radiomen - all for nothing because of this bloody meddler.  He examined the photo on the front page.

Who are you, Yank?  he wondered.  John Patrick Ryan. Historian - a bloody academic!  Ex-Marine - trust a damned bootneck to stick his nose where it doesn't belong!  John Patrick Ryan.  You're a bloody Catholic, aren't you?  Well, Johnny nearly put paid on your account....  Too bad about Johnny.  Good man Johnny was, dependable, loved his guns, and true to the Cause.

The plane finally came to a stop at the jetway.  Forward, the stewardess opened the door, and the passengers rose to get their bags from the overhead stowage.  He got his, and joined the slow movement forward.  He tried to be philosophical about it.  In his years as a "player," he'd seen operations go awry for the most ridiculous of reasons.  But this op was so important.  So much planning.  He shook his head as he tucked the paper under his arm.  We'll just have to try again, that's all.  We can afford to be patient.  One failure, he told himself, didn't matter in the great scheme of things.  The other side had been lucky this time.  We only have to be lucky once.  The men in the H-blocks weren't going anywhere.

What about Sean?  A mistake to have taken him along.  He'd helped plan the operation from the beginning.  Sean knows a great deal about the Organization.  He set that worry aside as he stepped off the aircraft.  Sean would never talk.  Not Sean, not with his girl in her grave these past five years, from a para's stray bullet.

He wasn't met, of course.  The other men who had been part of the operation were already back, their equipment left behind in rubbish bins, wiped clean of fingerprints.  Only he had the risk of exposure, but he was sure that this Ryan fellow hadn't got a good look at his face.  He thought back again to be sure.  No. The look of surprise on his face, the look of pain he'd seen there.  The American couldn't have gotten much of a look - if he had, an identikit composite picture would be in the press already, complete with the moppy wig and fake glasses.


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G P Putnam's Sons
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United States
Wanda Clancy - Photographer
Lawrence Ratzkin - Jacket Design
Front cover:

"Tom Clancy is the best there is."
- Edward L. Beach,
  San Francisco Chronicle

For readers who wondered how Tom Clancy could possibly top The Huntfor Red October, the sensational Red Storm Rising provided the answer.  It sold a million copies in hardcover alone, and firmly established Clancy at the head of the league.

And now Clancy tops Red Storm Rising - with Patriot Games.  Filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished his two previous books, but on a far more intimate scale, and featuring Red October's charismatic hero, Jack Ryan, Patriot Games puts us on the cutting edge of another type of war, but one no less deadly: the international battle against terrorism.

It is fall.  Years before the defection of a Soviet submarine will send him hurtling into confrontation with the Soviets, historian, ex-Marine and CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vacationing in London with his wife and young daughter, when a terrorist attack takes place before his eyes.  Instinctively, he dives forward to break it up, and is shot.  It is not until he wakes up in the hospital that he learns whose lives he has saved - the Prince and Princess of Wales and their new young son - and which enemies he has made - the Ulster Liberation Army, an ultra-left-wing splinter of the IRA.

By his impulsive act, he has gained both the gratitude of a nation and the enmity of its most dangerous men - men who do not sit on their hate.  And in the weeks and months to come, it is Jack Ryan, and his family, who will become the targets of that hate.

Sweeping from England to Ireland to America with ever-growing momentum, its suspense steadily intensifying as Ryan must summon all the skills and
(Continued on backflap)

Back cover:

(Continued from front flap)

knowledge at his command to battle back against his nemesis, Patriot Games gives us a remarkable set of characters in the most desperate struggle of their lives.  As with Tom Clancy's two previous triumphs, it is both a marvel of the storyteller's art - and, as the headlines attest, frighteningly real.

He has had a private talk with the President of the United States, conferred with the White House staff, lectured at the Central Intelligence Agency and been consulted by international intelligence experts.  Yet Tom Clancy is neither a former intelligence officer nor naval man.  Extensive primary and secondary research into Soviet-American military strategies and advanced technology gave him the backgrounds for The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising.  For Patriot Games, his research took him to the streets of London and to meetings with British secret antiterrorism specialists, to the corridors of the FBI and CIA and to the choppy waters of Chesapeake Bay aboard a Navy patrol boat.  He lives in Prince Frederick, Maryland, where he is now at work on his fourth novel.

Back cover:

Remarkable praise for Tom Clancy's
Red Storm Rising

"Red Storm Rising is a true classic.  The true measure of Tom Clancy's art is his ability to make both the high technology and the personal motivations of his characters not only real but alive and human.  This is what makes him a new star in our national constellation of writers....  In addition, the book is a first-class shoot-'em-up.  The book gives an extraordinary picture, from both sides, of what war might be like in the last decade of the twentieth century....  Tom Clancy is the best there is.  He is a master." - Edward L. Beach, San Francisco Chronicle

"Red Storm Rising is even better than the The Hunt for Red October.  I dare you to read one chapter and try to put it down."
- Curt Schleier, Newsday

"Red Storm Rising will take its place with such remarkable works as Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.  It is a brilliant military fantasy - and far too close to reality for comfort....  The author even manages to invest his characters with hot blood and real emotion....  His sureness of three-dimensional touch prompts the reader to wonder whether the Pentagon wouldn't be spending some of its millions better at employing him inside Cheyenne Mountain than letting his talents go to waste in best-selling authorship."
- John Keegan, The Washington Post Book World

"The possibility of World War III, vividly rendered, is what gives Clancy's book such a chilling ring of truth." - Walter Isaacson, Time

"The author of The Hunt for Red October proves convincingly that his first success was no fluke.  A fascinating and totally credible story, told with authenticity and great suspense." - Publishers Weekly

"Frighteningly realistic...  A masterful grasp of strategy, tactics and military technology laced with tension and suspense."
- John Barkham Reviews

"A rattling good yarn!"
-Robert Lekachman, The New York Times Book Review
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Tom Clancy  
Birth: 12 Apr 1947 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Death: 01 Jan 2013 Baltimore, Maryland, USA


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