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Executive Orders

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Never (or unknown...)
Adventure fiction
Adventure stories
International relations - Fiction
Political fiction
Presidents - United States - Fiction
Ryan, Jack (Fictitious character) - Fiction
World politics - Fiction
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Prologue - Starting Here
1 - Starting Now
2 - Pre-Dawn
3 - Scrutiny
4 - OJT
5 - Arrangements
6 - Evaluation
7 - Public Image
8 - Change of Command
9 - Distant Howls
10 - Politics
11 - Monkeys
12 - Presentation
13 - To the Manner Born
14 - Blood in the Water
15 - Deliveries
16 - The Iraqi Transfer
17 - The Revival
18 - Last Plane Out
19 - Recipes
20 - New Administrations
21 - Relationships
22 - Time Zones
23 - Experiments
24 - On the Fly
25 - Blooms
26 - Weeds
27 - Results
28 - ...But a Whimper
29 - Full Court
30 - Press
31 - Ripples and Waves
32 - Reruns
33 - Rebounds
34 -
35 - Operational Concept
36 - Travelers
37 - Discharges
38 - Grace Period
39 - Face Time
40 - Openings
41 - Hyenas
42 - Predator/Prey
43 - Retreat
44 - Incubation
45 - Confirmation
46 - Outbreak
47 - Index Case
48 - Hemorrhage
49 - Reaction Time
50 - Special Report
51 - Investigations
52 - Something of Value
53 - SNIE
54 - Friends and Neighors
55 - Commencement
56 - Deplyment
57 - Night Passage
58 - The Light of Day
59 - Rules of Engagement
60 - Buford
61 - Frierson's Ride
62 - Ready and Forward!
63 - The Ryan Doctrine
Epilgue - Press Room
Book Cover
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 Jack Ryan World*
#8 of 17
Jack Ryan World*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of novels written by Tom Clancy featuring the character Jack Ryan or taking place in the same fictional world.  I've only included books written by Tom Clancy in this list.

1) The Hunt for Red October
2) Patriot Games
3) Cardinal of the Kremlin
4) Clear and Present Danger
5) The Sum of All Fears
6) Without Remorse
7) Debt of Honor
8) Executive Orders
9) Rainbow Six
10) The Bear and the Dragon
11) Red Rabbit
12) The Teeth of the Tiger
13) Dead or Alive
14) Locked On
15) Threat Vector
16) Command Authority
17) Support and Defend
Copyright © 1996 by Jack Ryan Limited Partnership
It had to be the shock of the moment, Ryan thought.
May contain spoilers
"Thank you, Mr. President."
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G P Putnam's Sons
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Front flap:

Tom Clancy

The President is dead - and the weight, literally, of the world falls on Jack Ryan's shoulders, in Tom Clancy's newest and most extraordinary novel.

I don't know what to do.  Where's the manual, the training course, for the job?  Whom do I ask?  Where do I go?

Debt of Honor ended with Tom Clancy's most shocking conclusion ever: a joint session of Congress destroyed, the President dead, most of the Cabinet and the Congress dead, the Supreme Court and Joint Chiefs likewise.  Dazed and con-fused, the man who only minutes before had been confirmed as the new Vice-President of the United States is told that he is now President.

President John Patrick Ryan.

And that is where Executive Orders begins.  Ryan had agreed to accept the vice-presidency only as caretaker for a year, and now, suddenly, an incalculable weight has fallen on his shoulders.  How do you run a government without a government?  Where do you even begin?  With stunning force, Ryan's responsibilities crush in on him.  He must calm an anxious and grieving nation, allay the skepticism of the world's leaders, conduct a swift investigation of the tragedy, and arrange a massive

(Continued on back flap)

Back flap:

(Continued from front flap)

state funeral - all while attempting to reconstitute a Cabinet and a Congress with the greatest possible speed.

But that is not all.  Many eyes are on him now, and many of them are unfriendly.  In Beijing, Tehran, and other world capitals, including Washington, D.C., there are those eager to take advantage where they may, some of whom bear a deep animus toward the United States - some of whom, from Ryan's past, harbor intense animosity toward the new President himself.  Soon they will begin to move on their opportunities; soon they will present Jack Ryan with a crisis so great even he cannot imagine it.

Tom Clancy has written remarkable novels before, but nothing comparable to the timeliness and drama of Executive Orders.  Filled with the exceptional realism and intricate plotting that are his hallmarks, it attests to the words of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "This man can tell a story."

Tom Clancy is the author of The Hunt for Red October, Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, Without Remorse, and Debt of Honor.  He is also the author of the nonfiction books Submarine, Armored Cav, Fighter Wing, and the forthcoming Marine, and a co-creator of the Op-Center series.  He lives in Maryland.
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Notes and Comments:
First printing based on the number line
Canada: $36.95



Tom Clancy  
Birth: 12 Apr 1947 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Death: 01 Jan 2013 Baltimore, Maryland, USA


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