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Debt of Honor

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Never (or unknown...)
Intelligence service - United States - Fiction
Ryan, Jack (Fictitious character) - Fiction
Spy stories
See 48
Prologue - Sunet, Sunrise
1 - Alumni
2 - Fraternity
3 - Collegium
4 - Activity
5 - Complexity Theory
6 - Looking In, Looking Out
7 - Catalyst
8 - Fast-Forwarding
9 - Power Plays
10 - Seduction
11 - Sea Change
12 - Formalities
13 - Winds and Tides
14 - Reflections
15 - A Damned, Foolish Thing
16 - Payloads
17 - Strike One
18 - Easter Egg
19 - Strike Two, 1-800-RUN
20 - Strike Three
21 - Navy Blue
22 - The Global Dimension
23 - Catching Up
24 - Running in Place
25 - All the King's Horses
26 - Catch-Up
27 - Piling On
28 - Transmissions
29 - Written Records
30 - Why Not?
31 - The How and the What
32 - Special Report
33 - Reversal Points
34 - All Aboard
35 - Consequences
36 - Consideration
37 - Going Deep
38 - The River Rubicon
39 - Eyes First
40 - Foxes and Hounds
41 - CTF-77
42 - Lightning Strikes
43 - Dancing to the Tune
44 - ...from one who knows the score...
45 - Line of Battle
46 - Detachment
47 - Brooms
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 Jack Ryan World*
#7 of 17
Jack Ryan World*   See series as if on a bookshelf
A series of novels written by Tom Clancy featuring the character Jack Ryan or taking place in the same fictional world.  I've only included books written by Tom Clancy in this list.

1) The Hunt for Red October
2) Patriot Games
3) Cardinal of the Kremlin
4) Clear and Present Danger
5) The Sum of All Fears
6) Without Remorse
7) Debt of Honor
8) Executive Orders
9) Rainbow Six
10) The Bear and the Dragon
11) Red Rabbit
12) The Teeth of the Tiger
13) Dead or Alive
14) Locked On
15) Threat Vector
16) Command Authority
17) Support and Defend
Copyright © 1994 by Jack Ryan Limited Partnership
For Mom and Dad
In retrospect, it would seem an odd way to start a war.
May contain spoilers
"Let's get to work."
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Added: 24-Dec-2022
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G P Putnam's Sons
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United States
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Front flap:

Tom Clancy
Debt of Honor

Every novel by Tom Clancy has been "a jaw-tightener and a nail-biter of the first order," as the San Diego Union described Without Remorse.  But Debt of Honor surpasses them all, with Jack Ryan facing his greatest challenge - against a peril that may become all too real.

In retrospect, it would seem an odd way to start a war....

The end of history.  The new world order.  Fine phrases, but as Jack Ryan is about to discover, history isn't dead yet - and only the nature of the threat is new.

On the Pacific island of Saipan, a wealthy Japanese businessman regards his new-bought land with satisfaction.  In the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka, a foreign navy begins a series of highly unusual exercises.  At the headquarters of America's major stock-clearing corporation, an engineer brings a customized computer program on-line for the first time, and smiles at his own private joke.  Three seemingly unrelated incidents, but all just the first links in a chain of events that will stun the world.

Called out of retirement to serve as the new President's National Security Advisor, Jack Ryan quickly realizes that the prob-
(Continued on back flap)

Back flap:

(Continued from front flap)
lems of peace are fully as complex as those of war.  Enemies have become friends, friends enemies, and even the form of conflict has changed.  What he cannot realize, however, is just how close the next conflict is.  And when one of those new enemies readies a strike not only at America's territory, but at the heart of her economy, it is Ryan, with the help of CIA officers John Clark and Domingo Chavez, who must prepare an untested President to meet the challenge, if Ryan can only figure out how.  For there is a debt of honor to be paid - and the price will be terrifyingly high....

Debt of Honor is Tom Clancy's most timely and gripping novel yet.  Filled with the exceptional realism and intricate plotting that are his hallmarks, it attests to the words of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "This man can tell a story."

Tom Clancy is the author of The Hunt for Red October, Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, and Without Remorse.  He is also the author of the nonfiction books Submarine and the forthcoming Armored Cav.  He lives in Maryland.
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First printing based on the number line
Canada: $32.50



Tom Clancy  
Birth: 12 Apr 1947 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Death: 01 Jan 2013 Baltimore, Maryland, USA


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